Lush Is Coming Out With 17 New Products Designed To Fit Your Mood

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If your New Year's resolution involves taking better care of your skin and treating yourself, Lush can help you carry through with the commitment. Lush's new Solid Bath Oils are the brand's first new product of 2018, and were created to soften and pamper skin. Not only that, but they also match your mood.

The products arrive on Friday, Jan. 5, both online and in Lush shops in North America. These 17 decadent Solid Bath Oils are naked of any packaging and self-preserving. They will transform your bathroom into a spa experience, since they are comprised of rich ingredients and aromas that soothe, comfort, and lift your spirits. Some scents have more availability than others, so shopping online may just be your best bet to snagging your fave.

This new version of a bath bomb come in three categories. There's the Grounded Solid Bath Oils, which are meant to clear your mind of troubles and help you find a sense of calm. The Energized Solid Bath Oils elevate your mood and help you face life with soothing powers and intoxicating scents. The Relaxed Solid Bath Oils can assist with winding down after a long day. Choose whichever product best suits your mood and needs.

Th Soild Bath Oils range in price from $5.95 to $12.95.

Drop one in your bathtub and it will instantly morph into a spa paradise of epic proportions.


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Oil On Troubled Water, $7.95,

This brisk option blends fresh English peppermint, oakwood absolute, and soothing Roman chamomile. Take a whiff and relax.

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Ceridwen's Cauldron, $12.95,

This vegan version is comprised of delish stuff, like fresh oats, lavender, and sandalwood, which work in concert to calm your dry and sensitive skin and your mind.

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Furze, $5.95,

It's vegan and only available at select shops, but worth seeking out, thanks to the blended blended neroli oil and mimosa absolute. The heavenly scent mimics that of the English countryside.

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Flower's Barrow, $7.95,

This one is almost too pretty to use, thanks to the hand-rolled delphinium petals. But the mega moisturizing organic shea and fair trade cocoa butter will turn your bath into a soothing garden.


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Razzle Dazzle, $5.95,

This sassy, fresh and tart blend boasts lime, bergamot, and fresh, grassy violet leaf absolute. That combo will wake you up!

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Happy Thoughts, $5.95,

Your brain will smile, thanks to the combo of Brazilian orange and neroli oil. Plus, the super hydrating cocoa and shea butters will keep your skin buttery soft.

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Delight, $6.95,

This icy, silver and blue bomb is so pretty, like a bath asteroid. This bath oil mixes zingy lime and black pepper oil with pine needle absolute, which ups the luxe quotient.

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Magnificent, $5.95,

Your mood will cruise to citrusy new heights, thanks to this adorbs Solid Bath Oil comprised of grapefruit and tangerine oil.

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Double Vitality, $5.95,

Baby, your're a star with this bath oil, which boasts fresh, fizzy, and zingy peppermint oil.

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You've Been Mangoed, $5.95,

Mango and avocado butters will melt into bath water, along with an invigorating blend of lemongrass and lime oils. Ahh!

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Revelations, $6.95,

Sweet wild orange, bergamot oil and olive leaf absolute comprise this bath oil, which is firmer than its peers. That's because it features a higher concentration of fair trade organic cocoa butter and sodium bicarbonate. But the fizz? Oh, it's invigorating AF.

Courtesy of Lush

Ginger, $6.95,

It's metallic! This glittery melt combines ginger oil and mimosa absolute with uplifting ylang ylang and warming juniper berry oils. Delish!


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Floating Island, $5.95,

It looks like a cinnamon-dusted cookie, but it's not. This softening combo of cocoa butter, shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil, which is infused with sandalwood and lemon oil, will transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of peace and serenity.

Courtesy of Lush

Cloak of Invisibility, $6.95,

This bright bath companion mixes floral jasmine absolute with ylang ylang oil. It'll brighten your evening and your bath water.

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Dreamtime, $6.95,

Slip into the tub for a pre-sleep soak, thanks to this chunk of lavender and chamomile blue oil. It's the prep work for a long, comfortable shut-eye.

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Polyamorous, $5.95,

If you want to take a dip with a loved one, make sure to drop this sandalwood and violet lead absolute-infused bath oil into the water beforehand.

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Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment, $5.95,

It's a sweet bath treat, sans the calories, with Melting Marshmallow Moment. It features marshmallow herb and chamomile oil.

Lush's latest innovation will indulge the body and mind. It's the perfect winter treat for your skin and psyche.