Tommy John Is Launching Bras That Adjust To Your Exact Size

Courtesy of Tommy John

When it comes to finding a bra with the perfect fit, things can get tricky. From metal wire jabbing you in the under arm to bands that are so tight they leave red marks, bra shopping can be brutal. But now, Tommy John's new Flexible Fit Bras are coming, and these innovative creations could just be the answer to all of your ill-fitting undergarment woes.

Tommy John's Flexible Fit Bra is basically what it sounds like: A bra designed to adjust its fit based on your body. While no, it's not real magic, it certainly seems like it could be. The new pieces feature no metal wiring, adjustable as well as convertible straps, and an extended four row closure. Plus, the new undergarments are made from the brand's signature fabrics Second Skin — a soft non-piling, thin material — and Cool Cotton — an airy, moisture-wicking option.

The new bras will come in six different styles according to the brand. The Lightly Line Wireless and Scoop Bralette will come in both the Second Skin and Cool Cotton fabrics while the Triangle Bralette and Demi will be available only in the Second Skin fabric. As for when you can shop them, according to the brand, the new Flexible Fit Bras are available now. The six styles will retail for between $48-$78 with sizes that range from a 32A to a 38DDD.

Courtesy of Tommy John

According to Tommy John co-founder Erin Fujimoto, the idea behind the new women's pieces from the brand stem from the fact that women's bodies shift and change from day to day. She says in a press release, "It was important to us to introduce a versatile collection of bras and bralettes that can adjust with her changing needs and provide an enhanced and above all, comfortable-wearing experience all day, every day."

However, the brand doesn't intend to stop with this launch. Fujimoto goes on to say that comfort has always been important to Tommy John, and it's the core of the new line and more is to come.

"We’ve used premium fabrics, innovative fits and problem-solving technology to rethink the most uncomfortable garment women own. And we’re only just beginning," she says. "We’ll introduce additional bra sizes, styles and fabrications in 2020 and beyond."

Courtesy of Tommy John

While Fujimoto explains that more styles and sizes are coming, the already existing tech inside the bras are still the most exciting part of the Tommy John launch.

The pieces feature an innovative size-adjusting fabric that has what the brand calls "embedded flexible support." This helps Tommy John's new bras to always move back into the correct shape and require no metal which helps to prevent the pinching, poking, or bunching of typical bras and their wires. Imagine the support and ease of a great pair of compression leggings. That's the same level of comfort Tommy John's bras and fabrics promise.

There's also the brand's unique decision to expand the back closure in the Demi's design. While most bras on the market feature just three rows of clasps, Tommy John's newest bras offer a fourth row meant to allow more room when you need it as well as the ability to fit more band sizes within its existing size range.

Courtesy of Tommy John

If you've ever walked into a department store or lingerie shop with a sense of dread, Tommy John's Flexible Fit Bras are here to make you — and your breasts — breathe a little easier.