Get Ready For Ariana Grande's New Perfume

For someone so petite, Ariana Grande is quite the firecracker, and I'm not just talking about her insanely powerful vocals. While the young pop superstar has been making headlines as one of the best female vocalists there is, she's also making waves as an entrepreneur. This time, Ariana Grande in launching a limited edition version of Sweet Like Candy, and you can buy it super soon.

Very similar to the feminine pink, multifaceted bottle of Sweet Like Candy in design, this limited-edition version comes in a matte, bright red that'll make every fan of Grande's feel like the dangerous women they are. The fragrance promises to be seductively sweet with a burst of juicy, sexy berry scents that blend with its bright, floral notes.

So when will you get the try out the scent yourself and feel seductively sweet? The Red Hot limited edition of Sweet Like Candy comes out on Sunday, Jan. 15 exclusively in Ulta Beauty stores and at The fragrance will retail for $49 per bottle.

This commercial for Grande's original Sweet Like Candy perfectly describes what we might be able to expect from her upcoming fragrance.


Ariana Grande Limited Edition SWEET LIKE CANDY Eau de Parfum, $49,

Fans have been sharing their love for the songstress's previous perfumes on Instagram.

Sunday can't come soon enough.