Great News For 'Bosch' Fans — The Show Isn't Stopping Any Time Soon

Amazon Video

Bosch has been a staple of Amazon Prime Video for four seasons now, and the thrilling detective drama hasn't shown any signs of stopping. And as the show debuts its fourth season on April 13, fans will no doubt be wondering when Bosch Season 5 will premiere.

Good news for fans — Season 5 has already been announced and big plans are in the works, even though there's not a solid release date yet. If Amazon keeps up with the current schedule, though, expect it sometime in 2019 — with the return of a key behind-the-scenes member.

Variety reported in February that executive producer Eric Overmyer, who originally developed the show for the streaming service, is coming back to act as co-showrunner for Season 5 along with Daniel Pyne for the fifth season. Overmyer, who also has worked on The Wire, had taken a step back from Bosch in its fourth season to work on another Amazon production, The Man in the High Castle. So the original talent is fully back on deck as Season 5 ramps up, likely making for another impactful batch of episodes.

The show is based upon a series of novels by Michael Connelly focusing on a Los Angeles Police Department homicide detective, Harry Bosch, who takes on some pretty grisly cases. The book series dates all the way back to 1992, and Connelly continues to add Bosch-centered books to his repertoire, so Amazon's Bosch essentially has an endless wealth of material to draw upon for as long as the streaming site wants to continue making episodes.

And, it certainly seems like the audience is eager for more. The same Variety article above reports that Prime user ratings for Bosch's third season scored a 4.8 out of 5, with 89 percent of reviewers gave the show five-star reviews. It also doesn't hurt that the man who stars as Bosch is a TV staple — Lost fans will recognize Titus Welliver as the eerie Man In Black who was a fixture of the show's later seasons. He's also had stints in big productions like Suits and Sons of Anarchy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bosch also holds a pretty high pedestal as far as Amazon original series go. "As Amazon Prime Video's longest-running one-hour series, Bosch has long been a cornerstone of our scripted programming, and Prime members consistently clamor for more," Sharon Tal Yguado, head of scripted series at Amazon Studios, said in a statement, according to THR.

Connelly himself is involved in the production and thinks the show has continued to do his series justice. "I could not be prouder of the show we are making. Bosch is entertaining and relevant to our world today," Connelly said, according to Deadline. “On top of that we have a fantastic writing staff and the cast and crew are the best. We feel we are just hitting our stride. Season 4 is based on [the book] 'Angels Flight' and I don’t think we could have chosen a more timely story to tell."

The show is also bringing new interest to its source material — Welliver said in an interview with InStyle magazine that he often points fans of Bosch to Connelly's books. "I have a lot of younger people, late teens and early 20s, tell me how much they like the show. I always say ‘thank you very much, but go back to the source material because it's rich,'" he said. "To me, experiencing Harry in that way is important because they compliment each other, the books and the show. I wouldn’t want someone to experience one and not the other."

If the continuous stream of Bosch-based books is any indication, the Amazon show has no end in sight. And, as the streaming service ordered a Season 5 before Season 4 even debuted, Bosch fans can rest easy that they'll have plenty more crime drama to come.