When Does ColourPop’s Pink Monochromatic Collection Come Out? Mark Your Calendars

If you haven't already heard, ColourPop Cosmetics is pulling out round two of its Monochromatic Collection, and while only a few quick snaps of the collection have been revealed, there's enough buzz going around to know that it's going to be good. ColourPop Cosmetics just announced that its second phase of the Monochromatic Collection will be The Pink Collection.

The Pink Collection was revealed on Instagram by way of ColourPop marketing managers Jordynn Wynn and Sharon Pak's respective Instagrams, where they showed off the the products in their gorgeous packaging, as well as some swatches.

According to makeup news Instagrammer Trend Mood, this collection includes two pressed powder palettes, three pressed eyeshadows, one Super Shock Cheek, three liquid lip products, one Lippie Stix, and one Lippie Pencil — all in a variety shades of pink, of course!

Maybe you're a girl who goes gah-gah for pink or you love the hue that's perfect for any occasion and any skin tone. No matter the case, if you know you need to get your hands on this collection, you won't have to wait long. The Pink Collection drops on March 17, so mark your calendars.

The Pink Collection is Phase 2 of the cosmetics brand's Sprung On ColourPop drops, with Phase 1 being the Monochromatic Nectar collection, featuring shades of peachy oranges. Phase 3 is known as The Sand Collection, which means you can expect the ultimate neutrals, and will be available March 23.

I'm already loving it and I haven't even seen the actual products yet.

Now those are some quality pinks.

Can it just be March 17 already?!