When Does Daylight Saving Time Begin In 2017?

Some people love the fact that Daylight Saving Time is a thing. It means more hours in the sunlight, less hours in the darkness, and taking advantage of your day. Oh, and summer I guess. But me? I can't stand it, simply because it means having to lose a precious hour of sleep. My soul is crying. If you’re as cynical as I am about this time change (even though that means warm weather is around the corner), then mentally prepare yourself for when Daylight Saving Time begins in 2017.

Daylight Saving Time 2017 begins on Sunday, March 12. As soon as the last second of 1:59 a.m. strikes on March 12, your clock will jump to 3 a.m. (or you'll have to set it an hour forward if you're old-fashioned, either way), missing 2 a.m. entirely. Your smartphones will automatically do this of course, so anyone who warns you to “turn your clocks back” is basically a useless phrase now. But we should still be conscious that even though our clocks automatically make the switch, our bodies don’t. So your clock will go off at it’s usually time on Sunday morning (if you get up on the weekends, that is), and your body will start screaming.

So what’s the appropriate response to this? Go to bed earlier, I suppose. Yeah it sounds like a crazy notion, since I know you animals love to stay up late watching Netflix or stalking your crush on Instagram. But this time, just this once, “turn your clocks back” way earlier in the evening. Have dinner an hour earlier. Start your bed time routine an hour earlier. Commence the stalking an hour earlier. You’ll be happy you did come the morning of Sunday, March 12. Which, of course, means a happier Monday at work the next day as well.