Here's When To Expect The GlamGlow x Power Rangers GravityMud Mask

by Kali Borovic

Brace yourself, because one of this brand's bestselling mask is about to get a bit more, well, evil. According to Instagram, GlamGlow is teaming up with Power Rangers for a colorful collab. Inspired by the two villains in the upcoming movie, GlamGlow created a yellow and green GravityMud. When can you buy the masks, you ask? Unlike the movie, you have a while to wait for this product.

IMO, the more colorful the mask, the more fun a skincare routine is. GlamGlow already has a silver mask, but now they're adding a few more colors into the mix. According to their Instagram, the yellow and green GravityMud mask is in honor of Power Rangers' two villains — Rita Repulsa and Goldar. That's some Mighty Morphing Masking.

Although the mask is already floating around social media posts, the GlamGlow x Power Rangers masks won't arrive until Fall 2017, although the movie came out on Mar. 24. Bustle reached out to GlamGlow for comment on the launch date. While you won't be able to shop the collab for awhile, it's not completely a bad thing. The Fall 2017 date leaves you a lot of time to save up and plan your shopping tactic.

There's no official word on how much the mask will cost just yet. The original GravityMud Mask is $69 and so is their limited edition Sonic Blue one. I'm willing to bet that means that the Power Ranger collab will be the same. Fingers crossed that these two shades come in one package. If not, you'll be looking at almost $140 for both colored masks.

According to GlamGlow's Instagram post, this product will come in tubes instead of the typical jar. In case you're not familiar, the GravityMud mask is for firming. The website says that it instantly leaves skin feeling tighter and delivers toned skin. I'm willing to bet that the new colors will have the same added benefits.

Bottom line: you should get to saving right now. Whether you're a fan of the movie or not, these colors are way too fun not to have sitting on your sink.