HUDA Beauty's Desert Dusk Palette Has An Official Release Date

HUDA Beauty is on a roll. The brand — started by artist and guru Huda Kattan — has crafted smash hit products in 2017, and they're not slowing down. Next up? A new eyeshadow palette. The HUDA Beauty Desert Dusk palette is the follow-up to the mega-popular Rose Gold palette, and it's sure to be a doozy.

As of press time, Kattan and the brand had not debuted the shades inside the palette, but she did give a tidbit of positive news. The Desert Dusk palette comes out Sept. 18. Despite the launch being over a month away, it's not going to affect the hype. The Rose Gold palette was presumably one of the most popular of 2016, selling out multiple times, and even now, the palette is sold out on Sephora's website. If history repeats itself — and with brands, it usually does — the Desert Dusk palette will be just as popular and fans will need to prepare. Go ahead and ask for launch day off, fans.

Despite the fact that no shades have been revealed quite yet, Kattan did post a telling image on HUDA Beauty's Instagram. The photo certainly seems to be a promo image, and the color scheme implies a lot.

The photo features Kattan in a gorgeous, gilttering purple wrap dress set against the oranges, reds, and purples of a sunset. The hues can't be coincidental.

In fact, the colors in the photo of Kattan match the palette's packaging perfectly. Looks like fans are about to get a twilight sunset palette, and knowing Kattan's work, it's going to be a beauty.

If you want to shop the HUDA Beauty Desert Dusk palette, mark your calendar for Sept. 18. If this beauty is anything like the Rose Gold palette, the shadows can't be missed.