UK Fans Of 'It's Always Sunny' May Have A While To Wait For Season 14

by Sophie McEvoy

The day that fans of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia have been waiting for has arrived — FXX finally announced that the 14th series of the show will premiere in the States on Sep. 25. As good as that news is, there hasn't been any word in regards to when us Brits will be able to watch it, and where. So when does It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia start in the UK, and where will you be able to watch it?

Britain has been able to enjoy the wonderful exploits of the gang thanks to Netflix, which at the moment has all 13 seasons of the series available to watch. As it hasn't been confirmed whether the next season will follow the U.S. release date, I reached out to a Netflix rep to see when it will be made available, or whether it's getting picked up at all. I've yet to hear back, but I'll update you with any further info.

Although if last season is anything to go by, UK viewers will have to wait a few months before they can see the gang back in action. The 13th season premiered initially on FXX in the U.S. on Sep. 5, but it wasn't until early January that the new season was made available over here on Netflix. Whether season 14 will follow the same path is unknown at the moment, but seeing as FXX is part of Fox and the broadcaster does have a British channel, 2019 could be the year that they actually decide to broadcast episodes via that platform shortly after their U.S. premiere. They've done this recently with The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, so it wouldn't be surprising if It's Always Sunny followed a similar path.

Regardless, the excitement surrounding the 14th season is as high as you'd expect it to be. While the content of this season has yet to be revealed, the cast has been dropping little sneak-peeks here and there across social media, confirming that writing is complete and filming is in full swing. It's also clear that Glenn Howerton (who plays Dennis) is back full-time after starring in the Hulu comedy series A.P. Bio for two seasons before it was cancelled in May.

The actor had to split his time between the two shows last year, which meant that his screen-time and writing credits in It's Always Sunny were slightly cut. And while it's sad that Howerton won't be able to demonstrate his talent on a show other than It's Always Sunny, it's a welcome sight to see him back on the series full-time. "I've never felt any pressure at all, and I don't know why. I think, for one, I've never had anything but total support from everybody in my life who I care about, from my wife to my parents to Rob [McElhenney], Charlie [Day], Kaitlin [Olson] and Danny [DeVito], who have supported every aspect of this," he told CinemaBlend last month.

"I needed to take a step back from Sunny, because I needed to do other things creatively, and they were never — I mean, there were sad to see me go, as I wasn't as involved in the writing process last year on Sunny — but they've never been anything but totally supportive in the process."