When Will Kim K's New Reality Competition Actually Air?

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Beauty enthusiasts — clean your makeup brushes and stock your toolkits, because Kim Kardashian is looking for the next big thing in glamour. It's just been announced that Kardashian will be executive-producing Lifetime's Glam Masters. And by the sounds of things, the show is bound to be all that and then some. But, when does Kardashian's Glam Masters premiere, you ask? That still remains to be determined. According to Lifetime, production begins this summer, so we can probably bet that Glam Masters will air sometime in early 2018.

As for now, the show is currently casting. And according to Lifetime's website, Glam Masters' concept will go a little something like this:

"Four lucky bloggers will go head-to-head on each week’s episode of Glam Masters. Only a few will make it to semi-finals and eventually finals, where one will become the Glam Master."

Having Kardashian on board definitely has its perks. Not only with the contest winner be named the next big thing in beauty, but it's also being reported by People that the Glam Master with join the ranks of Kardashians' go-to beauty squad — including family friends Joyce Bonelli and Jen Atkin — and will earn the title of beauty director for Kardashian Apps.

There's no one more perfect to helm the Lifetime production than the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. And the beauty guru is just as excited, if not more, to join the team — according to her Instagram and Twitter pages. She shared the tweet below:

In a press release shared by Lifetime, Kardashian also expressed just how stoked she is to join the competition series. She said,

“I’m such a beauty-junkie and am fascinated by how artists are able to transform someone’s look with makeup and couldn’t be more ecstatic for them to show what they can really do.”

Did you hear that, beauty bloggers? Thee Kim Kardashian wants to see what YOU can do. And if that's not enough motivation to throw your application in the contender pool, I don't know what is.

Winning a chance to beautify the face of this reality star and stunning fashion icon? It sounds like a total no-brainer to me. The signs are clearer than ever. Grabbing the Glam Masters' title is guaranteed to leave you employed for a lifetime — no pun intended.