Kim Kardashian Is Launching A New Fragrance & It's Nothing Like Crystal Gardenia

If you thought your favorite beauty mogul would forget about you on the most romantic, Hallmark-heavy day of the year, then you don't have enough faith in Kimmy K. Crossing over two of her business ventures, KKW Fragrances is releasing Kimoji Heart Fragrances in honor of Valentine's Day. Kim Kardashian is collaborating with herself (only she can make that not weird) to bring you cute holiday treats. Whether you're grabbing dinner with someone special in your life or taking yourself out for a night full of dessert and double-features, everyone deserves a little something fun and frivolous on the pink-and-red-filled day.

The crossover fragrance line is in the shape of heart conversation candies, the kind that tell your crush that you want them to "be mine" and that "ur cute." But with her own stylish spin to it, of course. She released the news on Instagram Stories on Jan. 22, capturing the three heart-shaped fragrances with just enough information to get fans excited. She wrote, "Kimoji Heart Fragrances. Coming Soon 02.01," with KKW Fragrances tagged in the upload.

In case there were a few fans not glued to Instagram that day and missed the three second story, an email blast with the same image was sent out to subscribers, announcing the release of the collection drop. As of right now, there's no additional information, so this tease was a kind of "Save the Date" from Kardashian to her fans. If you hop over onto KKW Fragrance, the only scents posted on the site are her original Crystal Gardenia perfumes — Crystal Gardenia, Gardenia Oud, and Gardenia Citrus — and there isn't a coming-soon page holder for the cute and quirky heart fragrances.

What's so exciting about this new release is that the upcoming concept is so different from the original Crystal Gardenia line. The Crystal line is grownup and elegant, where the perfume bottles double as sleek crystal stones that add a touch of sophistication to your vanity setup. The Kimoji collection, on the other hand, is all about fun. A nod to her other business enterprise — a raunchy Kardashian-themed emoji app and merch — the Kimoji perfume bottles have a lighthearted vibe to them. The Kimoji collection has things like "Post Tit Notes" and Kim's crying face emblazoned across backpacks, so it makes sense why the bottles aren't all about glamour.

The heart packaging comes in three candy colors — pastel pink, soft purple, and Robin's egg blue — and have the words "BFF," "Ride or Die" and "Bae" emblazoned across them. There's no hint to what the scents are like yet, but one can speculate it will be sweet like candy.

The reactions to the drop were mostly positive, where fans were loving the out-of-character design. "Oh wow these are adorbs," one follower wrote. "Extra like me," another commented on the colorful packaging. "I'’m a sucker for hella cute packaging!" one follower shared, flooding Kardashian with support.

Some followers wanted to know more information, especially when it came to size and scents. "Are they mini bottles or regular size? Ya have the most creative packing ideas!" one person asked. Another chimed in that they wished she could provide sample bottles, since all her perfumes are sold exclusively online and it's a gamble to purchase them without smelling. There was also confusion under the comments if these were the original Crystal Gardenia scents, just repackaged for Valentine's Day.

Then there were some commentors who were shocked by the overly-cute design, which is a testament to how well Kardashian has branded herself as luxurious and timeless. "I’m surprised because Kim is very chic with packaging and this is so POP," one commentor shared. "So much cuter if you would have used the monochromatic look using colors like nude, cream, black or charcoal grey and just put KKW on each bottle. Would have made the design more timeless," another pitched, showing how people rely on Kardashian's elegant branding.

Keep an eye out for more information on social media throughout the week — the launch is right around the corner. You can Thank Kim for making this Valentine's Day that much sweeter.