MacGyver Could Be A Lone Operative By The Time Season 3 Premieres

Jace Downs/CBS

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion that, as of late, has been the primary force behind reviving TV shows. The spy series MacGyver was an ABC Network staple in in the late '80s, but was cancelled in 1992. CBS put a fresh spin on the series — famous for the title character's ability to fashion useful gadgets and weapons out of household items — when it was rebooted in 2016. Angus “Mac” MacGyver (Lucas Till) still prizes resourcefulness over guns and brute force. The Season 2 finale of MacGyver airs May 4, but what’s next for Mac? When does MacGyver Season 4 premiere?

Well, the precise premiere date isn’t official yet, but TV Line confirmed that MacGyver was renewed for Season 3 so fans are guaranteed more of Mac’s covert missions. CBS announced the show’s renewal in April, along with other shows like Hawaii Five-O and Blue Bloods. The past two seasons of MacGyver have premiered in late September, so next season will likely debut in September 2018. Definitive dates and production tidbits will probably come as the premiere gets closer.

In the meantime, MacGyver’s Twitter has been promoting the Season 2 finale episode, “MacGyver + MacGyver,” promising fans a thrilling conclusion to this season. The tweet also features a video clip of Mac resigning from his job due to trust issues, which should make for some big changes next season.

This clip gives fans a little insight into what will happen in Friday’s season finale, but the show’s future storylines also depend on how Season 2 ends. These burning questions will likely see deeper exploration next season:

Who Is Mac’s Father?
Guy D'Alema/CBS

In the previously mentioned clip, Mac walks into his home and says “Dad?” to an unseen person. This reunion between Mac and his father was confirmed by executive producer Peter M. Lenkov in a CarterMatt.com interview earlier this year. Lenkov said viewers would meet and eventually learn more about Mac’s dad and his previous whereabouts.

“That’s where the season is leading. The end of it will be the discovery of whether or not Matty knew MacGyver’s father and where his father is," he said. "All that stuff is where we’re driving.”

It looks like Mac is about to have a conversation with his dad. Their relationship could be explored more in Season 3 as they start to build a relationship — whether it's friendly or combative remains to be seen.

Will Mac Really Leave His Team?
Jace Downs/CBS

It’s not clear if his co-worker/OG covert ops leader Matty Webber (Meredith Eaton) will reveal what she knows about Mac’s dad (if she knows anything at all) in the Season 2 finale. MacGyver can spend more time mulling over Matty’s potential secrets and how it will affect her partnership with Mac. He may stick to his decision to leave the team and solve missions solo. Deadline noted that the original MacGyver worked alone, so this is a strong possibility.

What Was on That Flash Drive?
Tristian Mays/CBS

Mac’s fellow teammate and expert hacker Riley Davis (Tristin Mays) used her upgraded security clearance to grab a flash drive filled with information about Mac’s father. What, exactly, was on the flash drive? Mac may have the upper hand in his meeting with his Dad, depending on what he found on that flash drive. And, the drive could hold other tidbits of information that tells Mac a little more about Matty’s knowledge as well. It could further destroy his trust and relationship with Matty.

Fortunately, MacGyver has a chance to answer all of these questions next season. And not all of these problems can be solved with a can and some string.