'Major Crimes' Should Return Soon

by Caroline Gerdes

The ever suspenseful TNT drama Major Crimes will be sure to leave us with a cliffhanger in the Wednesday, April 12, Season 5 finale episode. But, can fans relax and enjoy the episode without worrying about renewal? Will Major Crimes return for Season 6?

There are few things as dissatisfying as when one of your favorite shows ends in a cliffhanger. Well, Major Crimes fans don't have to worry about that. According to Variety, Major Crimes has already been renewed for a sixth season. Considering that previous seasons have been broken in half with summer and winter premiere dates, we could be getting more episodes soon. Part one of Seasons 2-5 all had June premiere dates, so if Season 6 follows the same pattern, we won't need to wait long for more episodes. Not only can fans enjoy the Season 5 cliffhangers, they could get a resolution in only a matter of weeks. Though, the series has never ended this late in the spring before now.

While we aren't sure when the show is coming back, there has not been an announcement yet, we know more episodes are on their way. If peace of mind isn't enough, here is a list of shows starring the cast of Major Crimes, to hold you over until next season.

'The Closer'

Because Major Crimes is a spin-off of The Closer, Mary McDonnell, G.W. Bailey, Jonathan Del Arco, Tony Denison, Michael Paul Chan, Raymond Cruz, and Phillip P. Keene all appeared on the original show.

'Battlestar Gallactica'

Mary McDonnell memorably played President Laura Roslin on the sci-fi series.

'Two And A Half Men'

Graham Patrick Martin, Rusty Beck, played Eldridge Mackelroy on the CBS comedy.

'The Bill Engvall Show'

Martin also played opposite Jennifer Lawrence on The Bill Engvall Show. Yes, that Jennifer Lawrence.

'Prison Break'

Tony Denison played Aldo Burrows on Prison Break.

'Arrested Development'

A strange jump from courtroom and legal dramas, but Michael Paul Chan played Judge Lionel Ping on Arrested Development.

'Better Call Saul'

Raymond Cruz had an arc on Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul.

So there's plenty to watch until Season 6!