Morphe's New Setting Spray Is Coming So Soon

New products from brands you love are always exciting, but when they're from one of your favorite affordable brands, it's even better. That's why Morphe's new setting spray announcement is so exciting. While the brand does have other complexion product in their collection — the Morphe concealer and setting powder — until the news of the setting spray hit the internet, they hadn't expanded those products in some time. Now, not only does Morphe have a new product on it's way, but it's coming soon, and I'm personally hoping more is to come.

On Tuesday, Morphe took to their Instagram account to showcase the sleek new spray. According to the post, the Prep & Set Setting Spray is set to debut on May 9 which means that fans who want to try the new spray don't have long to wait. As of press time, there had been no mention of price, but knowing Morphe, they'll keep their affordable reputation going. After all, quality at a great price has always been their thing.

Not only will the spray be new for Morphe, but Prep & Set seems to be unique because it could be an aerosol. Based on the image posted to the brand's Instagram account, the packaging seems to be in an aerosol can. While most sprays come in bottles, if this truly is an aerosol bottle, it's definitely unique.

Little has been revealed about whether or not the spray will get a luminous or matte finish, but it is specifically designed to protect your makeup. If I had to guess, the spray is designed more for long wear than to create a specific finish.

Regardless of the finish, though, fans are definitely stoked for the upcoming launch.

Some are even asking about review from their favorite gurus already.

If you want to shop the new Morphe Set & Prep setting spray, mark your calendars for May 9. Based on the brand's other products, this addition to the family is sure to be amazing.