NYX Cosmetics' Total Control Foundation Is Coming

Looking to start 2017 with a fresh face? Then NYX Cosmetics has you covered. The brand has a dropper foundation coming out that lets you personalize your coverage from day to day. That's not all the launch has in store either. Thankfully, you don't have to wait too much longer to her the NYX Cosmetics' Total Control Drop Foundation. This is the post-holiday present that you'll want to snag right away.

The drugstore company might not be a stranger to foundations, but this is one formula that's brand new. According to their Instagram, they've created the a dropper foundation that lets you be in control of how much coverage that you want. The Total Control Drop Foundation comes in 24 (!!!) shades to start, which is pretty darn impressive, if you ask me.

The Total Control Drop Foundation is available on Dec. 28, according to their Instagram post.

It doesn't say exactly what time or when it will arrive in stores. Either way, it's pretty darn exciting. While the brand has seven other foundation formulas, this is the first time that you'll be in control of your own coverage. The dropper applicator makes it super simple to control as well. Basically, you need this addition to your makeup collection.

That's not all that's launching on Dec. 28 either. Along with the foundation, the company also created a brand new brush to work with the product as well. The Total Control Foundation Brush has longer bristles on the outside and shorter on the inside. According to their Snapchat story, it was designed so that you can add the drops right into the middle and apply the product to your face that way.

How awesome is that! Not to mention there's a 24 shade selection just to start, which is pretty awesome. I'm willing to bet there will be even more released over time too. Especially since most of their other formulas have over 30 shades.

I don't know about you, but I'd say this is a pretty good thing to spend your post-holiday money on. You can even give someone an e-gift card right now, so that they'll have plenty of cash to spend when it comes out.

Images: nyxcosmetics/Instagram (1), nyxcosmetics/Snapchat (2)