'Peaky Blinders' Season 5 Doesn't Premiere For A Long Time, But This Twist Makes The Wait Easier

by Sydney Bucksbaum

Peaky Blinders ended this season with a bang, not a whimper. A fake death and shocking resurrection, usually huge events on their own, were actually peanuts compared to the giant Season 4 finale reveal that the Shelby family is close with none other than infamous gangster Al Capone, leading many fans to wonder if Capone will be the main antagonist in the next season. But unfortunately, that answer won't be coming for a long time. BBC has confirmed that the Peaky Blinders Season 5 premiere isn't slated to debut until 2019 with creator and writer Steven Knight returning to write every episode. That means we have to wait at least a year to reunite with Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and the rest of the Peaky Blinders crew in the 1900s for another six-episode run. Bullocks!

Of course, without a specific date already planned, there's no telling when American audiences can watch the already-renewed new installment as the BBC drama first airs in the U.K. before heading over to the U.S. streaming services. So expect to wait quite a while before you can begin your Season 5 Netflix binge. At least the addictive drama left off on a surprising note, with Tommy Shelby enlisting none other than the Chicago mafia for help in taking out New York mobster Luca Changretta (Adrien Brody).


Changretta had been trying to get revenge on the Shelbys in Birmingham, and actually seemed to succeed in taking out of the leaders of the Peaky Blinders. But Arthur's (Paul Anderson) death was — thankfully! — a fake-out, masterminded by Tommy to end the war with Changretta. Arthur came back and got his own revenge, and Luca Changretta lost everything. Tommy outsmarted the formidable mobster and in true spirit of the saying, "the enemy of your enemy is your friend," Tommy went ahead and enlisted Changretta's rival Capone in a massive twist for the fan-favorite series.

Even though the wait for Season 5 is going to be brutal after that kitchen sink of a finale, the excitement over Capone's addition to the series is enough to keep fans on the hook during the long hiatus. The Capone twist in the Season 4 finale has already begun fueling speculation about who will play the Chicago gangster when Peaky Blinders returns, with one name rising to the top. Fans have started campaigning on social media for Stephen Graham to reprise his Boardwalk Empire role, as he's already successfully played Al Capone for five seasons.

Check out Graham's critically-acclaimed portrayal of Capone below in a scene from Boardwalk Empire:

But what if Graham doesn't want to return to a role he's already played for five seasons on another show? And if Peaky Blinders series favorite Tom Hardy doesn't return for Season 5 like many believe, the BBC drama should enlist some additional star power to fill in the big shoes of the new role. Who should join Peaky Blinders as Al Capone? Bustle dream casted the role below with a few ideas. You're welcome, BBC.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Although he's extremely busy, the ultimate pick would be Benedict Cumberbatch. Could you just imagine how incredible he'd be getting back into a straight-up villain role? Honestly, who even needs antiheroes anymore.

Charles Dance

This Game of Thrones baddie inspired a thousand terrifying nightmares as a fictional character, so it seems only right that Charles Dance uses his talents to portray one of the most formidable gangsters in all of history. Then he can build a real legacy with bullets instead of arrows.

David Tennant

How has Tennant not been a part of Peaky Blinders already? That's just a real crime. And seeing as how he was almost too scary in Jessica Jones, there's no denying that Tennant would absolutely kill it as Capone.

No matter who lands the role, it sounds like Peaky Blinders Season 5 is going to be a real thrill. Start the countdown now.