Sephora Is Launching A Barbie Collection & It's Better Than The Most Elaborate Dream House

Not matter your gender, playing with Barbies was a pivotal part of growing up. The pink convertible cars, the Malibu dream houses, the fabulous vinyl clothing, the teeny tiny hairbrushes — it was a fantasy land that even now as an adult you wish you could revisit. Well now, thanks to Sephora, you can. There is a Sephora x Barbie '80s makeup collection coming, and you're going to want to schedule a play date ASAP.

The brand first teased the collaboration a week ago by posting a mysterious video to their Instagram page, inviting us to guess who’s invited for a beauty battle. A five second clip showing rapid-fire images of mascara wands, plastic stiletto heels, pink clothes, and snippets of cassette tapes made it easy to piece together who was going to be the creative genius behind the next major collection: Barbie herself.

A day after that tease, Sephora confirmed everyone's suspicions, and announced that their newest collaborator is indeed Barbie. They shared a sneak peek of the case it will be coming in, and it's an '80s style boom box, meaning this particular Barbie isn't the 2018 version we all know and love, but the one directly from our childhoods.

Throughout the week, Spehora began to slowly share snippets of what would be inside the box, which is a black baseball cap with the word "Barbie" across it, a mini eyeshadow palette, a mascara tube, and an eyeliner.

But let's get into specifics — now that we know what's offered, are the products any good? Interestingly enough, the majority of the collection offers up items that are already available (and have been previously) on Sephora. So it's a kind of repackaging. The limited edition kit will include the brand's new Outrageous Length Mascara, Stylographic felt liner, and a miniature palette that seems to come in three different colors.

The Outrageous Extension Volume And Length Mascara is from the Sephora Collection, and it seems to only be available outside of the U.S. It retails for around $25. As of right now there is only one review under the product, and it shares that while the mascara gives you the promised length and curl, the formula seems to have a smudging problem.

The Stylographic Fine Line Micro Thin Felt Liner is also from the Sephora Collection, and this one is available in the U.S. It retails for $14 and has received 3.7/5 stars, from 56 reviews. For those that gave it five stars, they loved how thin the tip was.

As for those who gave it three or less stars, they didn't like that it wasn't waterproof even though it says it is.

As for the palettes, there are three different colors to choose from, depending on which shades you like best. These are also from the Sephora Collection and are already available outside of the kit, where each palette offers up six different colors.

The silver palette is the "Nougat Shades Collection," the pink one is the "Donut Shades Collection," and the brown one is the "Cookie Shades Collection." They retail for $10 each and got 4.2/5 stars from 94 reviews, where 52 of those reviews were five stars.

But even though you can snap these products up separately, it's still fun to get it in a Barbie themed box. If you're already itching to buy it, you're going to find that there is a slight catch: It's not available in North America, but it is available online and in-stores in Europe. So if you have a trip coming up, make room in your suitcase, or just snap up these items separately back here in the States. It will retail for 30 Euros, or roughly $37, and while Sephora didn't give us a specific availability date, the brand did say it will go on sale some time next week.