Fans Can’t Stop Tweeting About ‘SYTYCD’ & It’s Exactly Why It Needs Another Season

by S. Atkinson

The finale is almost upon us, so it's no surprise that devoted fans are wondering when So You Think You Can Dance Season 15 premieres. After all, it's been just over three months since FOX gave viewers the opportunity to retreat into a dance wonderland. And now that they've grown to know and love contestants like Lex Ishimoto and the seriously adorable Kiki Nyemchek, it's hard to imagine life without them. Besides, a week passing without encouraging words from judge Vanessa Hudgens sounds really bleak.

It's worth noting that at the time of writing, FOX hasn't renewed So You Think You Can Dance yet. And numbers don't exactly seem to be on the show's side. According to TVLine, So You Think You Can Dance's ratings reached "new season lows" in July, which isn't the most hopeful news.

Still, there is one ray of hope — from the looks of social media on the evening of the finale, Twitter is still completely obsessed with the show. And what could be a better argument for the dance odyssey heel-toe, heel-toe-ing into another year than feverish tweets? Nothing. So let the audience speak for themselves. Here's why the best dance show on television should get a Season 15, straight from the fans.


Because It's Not Just About The Dance, But The Dancers

Sure, Lex Ishimoto is expected to win So You Think You Can Dance, so maybe people are rooting for the pair following their dance together because one of them is predicted to win. But audiences also seem to be totally in love with fact that Ishimoto and Sieve are a couple in real life.


Yep, People Really Love Watching Folks In Love Dance Together

And why wouldn't they? It's a goddamn fairytale on your TV screen — so if the execs at FOX take anything from this season, let's hope they cast more couples who can dance their hearts out.


Because It Keeps Audiences Guessing

Can we talk about the sheer talent we had this time round? Allison Holker performed at the Olympic Winter Games, while Kiki Nyemchek was a ballroom dancing specialist and Taylor Sieve won the senior female best dancer in Las Vegas at the Dance Awards. So no wonder it was such a rollercoaster — you could never be sure if the seemingly best dance really was actually the best dance until the credits rolled.


People Are So Into It, They're Lining Up Twitter Compilations Of Their Favorite Dances

If you want a reminder of the magic and the mystery of Season 14, you could do worse than browsing the 27 video long thread @neverlandphil curated. All the hits are there, from Kiki and Jenna's fluid, elegant contemporary dance, to George Michael's "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face," to Koine and Marko's staccato jazz number to "HandClap."


It's The Finest Season In Years

Of course, it's not all about the strength of the cast in general, but about those who make it to the finish line. People are loving the shortlisted contestants right now. So why would FOX cancel the show following all this adulation and social media buzz?


Lex & Taylor Aren't The Only Pairing People Are Rooting For

Viewers also seem passionate about Logan Hernandez and Allison Holker's stylings, whether online or offline, with Holker telling Just Jared Jr. that their hotly lauded performances on the Aug. 22 show were in part thanks to the audience: "The energy in the room from the audience was so amazing, the cheering and shouting gave us even more fuel."


People Love Kiki's Movements, Even Offstage

Someone literally set up a Twitter account devoted to Kiki's bodily movements, because he's never not entertaining.


Viewers Are Having A Lot Of Feels About The Finale

This isn't some cute dance competition, this is a matter of joy vs. hopelessness. You couldn't possibly understand unless you watch it too, in which case you're probably already sweating about the finale.


No, Really

FOX, you cannot cancel people's source of joy in the world. That would just be cruel. We need a few more finales yet.


There Are Conspiracy Theories & Everything

Kiki and Jenna both teared up prior to the judges' comments in Episode 13 and it was a little suspicious. When Cat Deeley asked what was wrong, Jenna said, "I'm just so sad...'cause I love dancing with him."

The less charitable members of the Twitter audience called bullsh*t — now that we're nearing the finale, there's more elaborate theories for every single mode of behavior you'll see on the show.


Ultimately, This Season Smashed It

Forget about low ratings. There's a clear consensus on Twitter — people have been overwhelmed by feelings about this season, the only issue was having too much great talent to choose between, and viewers can't believe the finale's already here. Bring on Season 15.

You know a season's great when it flies by — and from the sound of things, nobody on Twitter is ready for the show to be over yet. So if crossing your fingers for Season 15 sounds too superstitious, show the series some love on Twitter like everyone else.