A Hunger Games Makeup Collection Is Coming & It Will Make You Want To Volunteer As Tribute


Have you ever watched the action-packed trilogy of Hunger Games and thought, "How would this translate into eyeshadow?" Well, probably not. But one makeup brand has made it their mission to answer that question for you. Storybook Cosmetics is launching a Hunger Games makeup collection, making it their next project in a long list of movie and fairy tale cosmetics remakes.

The news broke almost a year ago that the makeup brand was collaborating with Lionsgate for a Katniss Everdeen-inspired line, but seeing how licensing takes some time to figure out, it took awhile for a preview to drop. The wait is finally over, and we're at long last treated to a teaser.

Storybook Cosmetics posted a quick preview of the upcoming line to their Instagram, with nothing more than a caption that reads, "COMING SOON." And if you think that's cryptic, the image shows frustratingly little. All we're treated to is a light gold compact, with the image of the Resistance — an emblem of the Mockingjay holding an arrow. No one knows what's inside, but seeing how it's in the shape of a compact, it could be some sort of blush, bronzer, highlighter, or powder. But that's just speculation.

Even though the post produces more questions than answers, fans are pumped to see what the actual line will bring.

"I've been waiting for this forever!!!!," one follower posted in the comments section. "Lots of gold based, yes?" another fan speculated. "OH MY GOSH THIS IS EVERYTHING I’VE EVER WANTED HUNGER GAMES THEMED MAKEUP," another freaked.

Storybook Cosmetics has a special Q&A Instagram account under @storybookkeeper, and they have been answering questions in the comment section. One big hint they shared was the line apparently won't drop in time for the holidays, but will arrive sometime in 2018. In the meantime, you can shop some of their already-dropped collections below.


'Mean Girls' Burn Book

Storybook Cosmetics x Mean Girls Burn Book Storybook Palette, $55, Storybook Cosmetics

Made into the image of Regina George's infamous Burn Book, this makeup palette features 12 cruelty-free and carb-free colors that come in matte, shimmer, and pearl finishes. While the colors themselves are super fetch, the names of each hue makes it all the more fun. A butterscotch shade is named "Is Butter a Carb?," and a bright pink color is simply dubbed "Wednesday" for "On Wednesdays, we wear pink." A sparkly green shade is called "Grool" and a pearly silver is dubbed "Mouse...Duh."

It's enough to make you bounce in your seat and clap. So perfect.


'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' Storybook Palette

Storybook Cosmetics x Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Storybook Palette, $55, Storybook Cosmetics

Bringing the childhood favorite to life in our makeup drawers, this palette comes in a hardcover storybook, and features 12 hues that have an actual chocolate scent. The palette varies from neutrals to bright pops of color, with options like "Willy Wonka" in a shimmering plum, "Golden Ticket" in a sparkly gold, and "Mike Teavee" in an icy light blue.


Wizardry And Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palette Storybook

Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry and Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palette Storybook, $55, Storybook Cosmetics

Going down a spell-bounding route, this Wizardry And Witchcraft palette is everything whimsical and mysterious. Featuring 12 buttery-smooth shades that could be used either wet or dry, they capture the mood of the wizarding world. With hues like "Sorcerer" in a metallic plum, "Potions" in a pearly forest green, and "Prophecy" is a silky white, the palette is as swoon-worthy as it is magical.

While you might have to wait until next year for the Hunger Games palette, these beauty books are pretty spectacular to help hold you over. In the meantime, keep practicing your Mockingjay whistle, because 2018 is right around the corner.