Tarte's Year-End Sale Gives You Up To 70 Percent Off Palettes & Sets


Massive. That's the long and short of Tarte's year-end makeup sale. The brand is offering deep discounts — up to 70 percent off on products, from limited edition items to lippies to blushes to brushes and more. The best-selling Grav3yardgirl Palette is also marked down, so woo hoo.

If you want to stock up for 2018 or revamp your makeup wardrobe, this is the most money-saving way to do it.

The brand shared the details of the event on its Twitter and Instagram feeds. The year-end sale is happening exclusively via the Tarte site and there is a limit on the quantity you can purchase of specific products. The brand has not specifically indicated when the sale ends.

Hit the brand's site and enter your email address when prompted in order to unlock access and enjoy loads of savings. You will receive Tarte updates as a result of supplying your email address, but it's worth it, since you'll remain updated about new launches and further sales.

However, since the sale is epic and therefore can be somewhat overwhelming (in a good way, though!), you are going to need to focus and shop for things you really want, really need, or are super excited to try. Otherwise, you will end up piling products in your cart aimlessly. Don't get something merely because it's on sale, even though that's tempting.

The struggle is real, as evidenced by this tweet. So go into shopping this sale with a legit game plan. The brand is clearing out a lot of limited edition items, likely to make room for 2018 launches, and you will make out like a bandit.

Tarte has so many amazing products, which it calls "high performance naturals." You can totally refresh your makeup bag.

Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics

There are 109 items included in the sale. Here are 11 to grab ASAP.

1. Blushes, Blushes, Blushes

Courtesy of Tarte

Big Blush Book Volume III, $40,

This circular blush wardrobe will last you all year long and offers plenty of choices for your ultimate cheek flush.

2. A Cool AF Palette Collabo

Courtesy of Tarte

Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette, $25,

The brand's collab with Grav3yardgirl is supremely popular and almost half-off. You cannot pass go on the discount for this palette.

3. Deodorant

Courtesy of Tarte

Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant, $10,

Yes, Tarte also does skin and body care. This deodorant has a drugstore price when on sale, so try it.

4. A Liquid Matte Lippie

Courtesy of Tarte

Tarteist Quick Dry Lip Paint in Festival, $12,

This universal and limited edition nude x mauve shade in the brand's creamy, dreamy liquid matte formula is a must grab.

5. Sooty Black Eyeliner

Courtesy of Tarte

Maneater Self-Sharpening Eyeliner, $13,

An inky black eyeliner that self-sharpens and refuses to budge or smudge is a makeup bag essential so you'd be doing yourself a favor by scooping this up.

6. Rainbow Highlighter

Courtesy of Tarte

Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter, $13,

The unicorn beauty trend was huge in 2017 and this highlighter served as Tarte's take on it. The compact hosts a lovely quartet of shimmery and neutral colors that you can customize and blend with a big, fluffy brush that you swipe across cheeks and beyond.

7. Liquid Bronzer

Courtesy of Tarte

Maracuja Liquid Bronzing Serum, $15,

What a steal! This moisturizing bronzer will add a dewy glow as you wish.

8. A Contour Tool

Courtesy of Tarte

Double-Ended Highlighter Brush, $23,

Not only is this contouring brush adorable, with its ombre hairs and purple and gold handle. But it's a multi-tasker and you'll highlight your fave features as you wish.

9. A New Brush Set

Courtesy of Tarte

Artful Accessories Brush Set, $22,

New year, new you, new tools. These pretty and limited edition brushes will start your day off on the right note.

10. Highlighting Moisturizer

Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizer, $18,

A daily moisturizer that highlights and hydrates? What more could you ask for!

11. A Lash Kit

Curl Boss Lash Essentials, $20,

A blingy eyelash curler and thickening and volumizing mascara, in travel-friendly sizes? That sounds divine... because it is! This limited edition lash kit dazzles in more ways than one.

There are plenty other products to shop during the Tarte year-end sale, but these are our faves!