When Does 'Terrace House: Opening New Doors' Part 2 Premiere? The Series Isn't Going Anywhere


Despite the seemingly endless collection of reality television shows available for consuming, International fans of the Japanese reality series Terrace House have been patiently waiting for the franchise's latest incarnation. The newest series in the franchise, Terrace House: Opening New Doors premieres on Netflix on March 13, 2018. The show will launch with eight new episodes, but fans won't have to wait long for Part 2 of Terrace House: Opening New Doors. While only "Part 1" of the new Terrace House will be available on International Netflix starting March 13, episodes from Part 2 of the latest Terrace House series have already begun premiering in Japan — meaning more episodes are coming to American viewers soon.

In America and other non-Japan locales, the first eight episodes of Terrace House: Opening New Doors will be releasing all at once, while Japanese fans have been watching the episodes become available on Netflix one at a time. A Netflix press release explains that Opening New Doors premiered in Japan "on December 19, 2017 with bi-weekly episodes," with a new episode every other week. Since International audiences get Terrace House episodes eight at a time, fans can expect approximately a four-month gap between Part 1 and Part 2 of Opening New Doors being released online, mirroring how Netflix released the franchise's prior series, Terrace House: Aloha State.

The Terrace House Youtube page has been uploading episode clips from Part 2 of the series as they air in real-time on Netflix Japan, but fans in need of subtitles will have to wait for the show to premiere new episodes on International Netflix. While fans won't be able to watch the entire series in one go, it's true to the heart of the franchise to ask its international viewers to watch the show at a leisurely pace throughout the year instead of marathoning the entire series.

TERRACE HOUSE / テラスハウス on YouTube

Opening New Doors, the third iteration of the Terrace House franchise to premiere on Netflix, introduces the beloved reality franchise to a brand new location. The franchise's first Netflix-based series, Terrace House: Boys And Girls In The City, put six singles together in a house in Tokyo and followed the lives of the housemates. The members of Terrace House all continued to work jobs and maintain their own life, all while dating other members of the house. Whenever a member of Terrace House decides to leave, a new housemate quickly arrives.

Terrace House: Aloha State switched things up by setting up shop in Hawaii for the show's first non-Japanese season. Terrace House: Opening New Doors is returning to its Japanese setting, but trading in urban living for Karuizawa, a town about two hours of travel from Tokyo that serves as a popular resort spot. The Opening New Doors series trailer showcases the lush, forested locales and resort activities such as snowboarding that will likely define the series.

TERRACE HOUSE / テラスハウス on YouTube

The press release for Opening New Doors did not include an end date, but the series will likely not run indefinitely. Girls and Boys In The City concluded after 46 episodes, and Aloha House came to an end after 36. The franchise appears to have more interest in ending a series and starting new ones as opposed to the American model of having multiple concurrent series in a franchise airing at the same time. The franchise's approach to how it structures its series is just one of many reasons, in addition to its uniquely calm editing style, its recurring roster of comedic commentators, and its exploration of relatively low-stakes drama, are part of what made the franchise an international cult success. While Terrace House will only be releasing its first eight episodes on International Netflix on March 13, 2018, fans will be happy to know that the next eight episodes likely won't be far behind and that they could be getting little packages of new Terrace House episodes all year long.