Puma Is Releasing Shoes To Match Your Favorite MAC Lipstick Shades

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy Puma

When the fashion and beauty worlds collide, magic happens. The latest Puma and Mac collection is proof. The two brands teamed up to create a Puma shoe collection based on the bestselling MAC lipstick shades. So you can, quite literally, wear your favorite shade from lips to toes. Hold onto your makeup bags, because this is one launch that you didn't see coming.

Odds are you have plenty of MAC lipsticks in your collection, but you've never had a shoe based on your favorite shade. Starting in May, you'll be able to buy sneakers in shades Crème d’Nude, Lady Danger, or Sin. That's a gorgeous blush pink, deep red, and burgundy.

Just like the shades, you probably are already familiar with the shoe style as well. Puma chose its Suede shoes for the special edition launch. The old-school sneaker style is a low-cut shoe with the classic Puma logo on the side. The only difference in the shoe is that it's as opaque as you like your lipstick — AKA the entire shoe is covered in the shade.

The shoes will be permanently available on the Puma website. That means that you can save up to buy every single one, just like you used to for your very first MAC lipsticks.

Courtesy Puma

According to the press release, the shades were chosen because they are the most legendary. Crème d’Nude first launched in 2016 and has since been made into a scent as well. As far as Sin goes, it's an OG and has been hanging around Mac since 2010. Last, but definitely not least, is Lady Danger. The bright red has been a fan favorite since 2003.

You've probably gone through your fair share of these lip colors in your day. If you haven't you can snag them all for $18.50 per shade on the MAC website. All of them are permanent shades and, judging from the shoe collection, will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

The shoes will cost you a little bit more though. You can shop all three styles starting in May for $90 each on the Puma website and in select stores. Do not go into a Mac store thinking that you can stock up on the kicks though, because the shoes will not be sold there.

Courtesy Puma

Unfortunately, you do not get a matching lipstick when you buy the shoes. You don't even get a coupon or anything. You'll have to buy the shoes separately form the lipstick. There's no rule saying that you have to be wearing it on your lips and shoes at the same time, but it would be really chic.

Unlike the lipsticks, which are sold all over the globe, the Puma x MAC shoes will only be available in the United States. You can buy as many as you want and they are a permanent part of the collection though.

There's no specific reason why the two brands decided to team up, but it's pretty awesome that they are. This will be the first time that the shoe and beauty brand have joined forces for fashionable kicks. Fingers crossed that this won't be the last though. It would be pretty amazing to have an entire closet of shoes that match your lipsticks.

Courtesy Puma

You know that archaic rule about having to match your shoes to your handbag? Well, this is sort of like that, but so much better.

While these aren't limited edition, you will want to set your alarms and start saving now. If this is anything like previous MAC and Puma launches, these will fly off the virtual shelves.