These Celebs Would Be PERFECT For 'The Masked Singer' Season 2

Michael Becker / FOX.

The competition may be winding down, but fortunately, there will be plenty more celebs to unmask (and theorize about) when The Masked Singer returns for Season 2. According to Deadline, the mega-popular show was green-lit for more episodes back in January. An exact premiere date hasn't yet been announced, but competition shows tend to run frequently, so it could be as soon as later this year. At the very least, fans should expect it to be back by next January — a year after its hit debut — as Fox execs seem really excited to continue the series.

Rob Wade, the president of alternative entertainment and specials at Fox, told Deadline:

"The response to The Masked Singer has been fantastic and we are thrilled to bring it back for another season. I am so happy to see a singing Peacock burst into pop culture! The Masked Singer is unique, bold, original and embraces the DNA of all the best Fox unscripted shows. We look forward to Season 2 being even more fun, weird and wonderful than the first."

Will Nick Cannon and his head wraps still host? Will the panel be the same the second time around? There's not a ton of info yet, but now that we know what the show is all about, we can start theorizing about which stars will be on Season 2. Surely there will be some athletes, and maybe a crossover from Great British Bake-Off or Queer Eye, but the sky is the limit.

There are a lot of celebs out there with killer pipes that don't get to use them all the time. You may know Patrick Wilson from horror movies and superhero flicks, but he has one of the most gorgeous voices around. Even though James Corden has been in musicals, each star he carpools with always seem surprised at how good he sounds. Who else could rock the mic in costume? Here are some ideas. (Masked Singer casting team, are you taking notes?)

Allison Williams

She's got a famous dad in Brian Williams, her star turn in Peter Pan Live is (unfortunately) not largely remembered, and her post-Girls career has been full of unexpected roles.

Wayne Brady

He was one of the panel's best guesses for the peacock, and honestly would be great on this show. His musical diversity shone in Whose Line Is It Anyway back in the day, and he could easily disguise his voice.

Christina Applegate

She's a bonafide Broadway star and Tony nominee for Sweet Charity, but Hollywood may not know!

Jerry Springer

Did you know that Jerry Springer played Billy Flynn in Chicago on the West End?

Tracee Ellis Ross

Another early theory — and why not!

Rita Moreno

She's a living legend, and anything to ensure that One Day At A Time gets renewed for Season 4!

Jon Cryer

The TV legend went to a prestigious musical theatre summer camp. Aren't you curious to hear those pipes?

Seth MacFarlane

He has like four jazz/swing albums, and as an accomplished voice actor, he could easily trick the panel into thinking he was someone else without missing a note.

Anyone else you'd love to see grace the Masked Singer stage? Start your dream boards now.