When Does 'The Ranch' Season 2 Premiere? The Netflix Comedy Will Make You Laugh More Soon

Greg Gayne/Netflix

Earlier this year, Netflix's The Ranch premiered with an easy draw every '90s kid could get behind — the sitcom reunites That '70s Show co-stars Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson. Personally, I gave the series a try just to see the reunion, but I wound up marathoning all 10 episodes of Season 1's first half, because it's a surprisingly heartfelt, yet hilarious comedy. The second half of Season 1 dropped on Oct. 7, but once you've sped through those episodes, you might be wondering when The Ranch Season 2 will premiere on Netflix.

According to a Twitter video posted by Kutcher in April, The Ranch's second season will premiere in 2017. In the meantime, you can enjoy 10 more episodes in Season 1 of the show, laughing along with the Bennett family in Garrison, Colorado, as they wrangle love, life, and hijinks on the titular ranch. And in this part of the season, Kutcher and Masterson will expand their That '70s Show reunion with Wilmer Valderrama, who will guest star as a ranch hand Umberto of the My Little Pony Ranch, according to Entertainment Weekly. Bret Harrison, another That '70s Show alum, has a recurring role on The Ranch as the nerdy Kenny. It's so cool to see that the Wisconsin crew keeping the spirit of the Fox series alive.

But before you dive into the next set of episodes, you may want to re-watch of few episodes to refresh your memory — or you could dive in for the first time — with these episodes I highly recommend.

"Back Where I Came From" (Pilot)

Greg Gayne/Netflix

Of course, you should revisit the first episode, in which Colt (Kutcher) returns home to the ranch for a tryout at a local football team, but decides to stay and help out father Beau (Sam Elliott) and Rooster (Masterson).

Plus, it also includes the totally jarring moment in which you realize this traditional sitcom filmed in front of an audience has profanity, because Netflix.

"The Boys Of Fall"

Greg Gayne/Netflix

Beau is a old school guy who loves meat as much as Ron Swanson. So when he goes to the doctor for the first time in years, he gets diagnosed with a back injury and high blood pressure. The prescription? Eating his veggies, and it's funny to see Beau really dislike it.

"Got A Little Crazy"

Greg Gayne/Netflix

When the parents are away, the boys will play. In this episode, Beau and Maggie (Debra Winger) take advantage of a free hotel stay, so Colt and Rooster have a party where emotions run high. Colt and ex-girlfriend Abby still have feelings for each other — but she's engaged to Kenny and Colt is hooking up with Heather, one of her former students.

"Better As A Memory"

Greg Gayne/Netflix

Colt and Heather's sex date in Maggie's trailer causes a fire, so Maggie decides to stay with Beau and their sons — but Beau fears it'll mess up their current dynamic. It's the first glimpse that viewers get to see of the Bennetts as a true family and it surprises Beau when it all goes well. He asks Maggie to move in with them, but then she's the one who has her doubts.

"I Can't Go There"

Greg Gayne/Netflix

Beau stresses over a sick calf while trying to avoid his hurt feelings from Maggie's rejection. Colt isn't a fan of the sudden serious turn in his fling with Heather, until he gets to know her better.

"Down The Road"

Greg Gayne.Netflix

In the midseason finale, Beau figures out a way to keep the ranch afloat, but his cohabitation plans stall when she skips down in her newly fixed Airstream. Colt and Abby finally confront their feelings for each other. Uh-oh.

So The Ranch's new episodes will have plenty of questions to answer from the first part of Season 1.