Too Faced Created Melted Powder Blushes That Are Unlike Anything You've Seen

Powder products don't usually "melt" into your skin the way a cream or liquid product does. But leave it to Too Faced to change the game and attempt to rewrite the rules of powder blush. Too Faced's Peach My Cheeks Melted Blushes are part of the brand's new Peaches & Cream Collection. And they are too freakin' cool.

When are the Too Faced Melted Blushes available, exactly? These innovative cheek colors arrive at Sephora on Aug. 31.

Brand founder Jerrod Blandino revealed details about the formula Too Faced has been toiling over for two years. He captioned an image of the blushes, which look to have a creamy sheen, saying that he has crafted "a powder that melts into your skin for a totally new multidimensional effect!" He also called Peach My Cheeks "first of its kind" and a "melting powder."

We have no idea exactly how the product works until it arrives later this month. But the notion of a melting blush makes it sound like it will give you a pretty, lit-from-within glow.

There's a lot to visually absorb here. From the peachy and candy apple pigments to the sheen, the Peach My Cheeks blushes look absolutely stunning. How they function IRL remains to be seen, but they look to be pretty innovative.

Too Facers dig the packaging already.

This user senses a K-beauty inspo. That's not far off the mark, but push compacts tend to be creamy and squishy.

Peach My Cheeks Melting Powder Blush, $30, Sephora

This is the same post on the brand's official Insta, albeit with a different filter.

Users and fans appreciate the look and the vibe, but we need to see these babies in action. Live swatch videos, please!