You Need To See Urban Decay's New Mascara Tease

Here comes trouble... of the best kind! While beauty obsessives and beyond were celebrating red, white, and blue on the Fourth of July, Urban Decay teased its forthcoming Troublemaker mascara while beachside.

Brand founder Wende Zomnir pulled a Jerrod Blandino — she posted a sneak peek of the upcoming product on her personal Instagram, as opposed to the brand's official Insta. Too Faced's Blandino posts his patented product "sneaky peeks" with incredible frequency. Zomnir does similarly... just not as often. So, what do we know about UD's Troublemaker?

Not much, Beauty Junkies, not much. Even so, the teaser image is still enough to get fans of the brand excited. Urban Decay is best-known these days for its NAKED range and its unmessiwthable palettes. Last summer, it launched 100-plus shades of Vice lipstick.

We haven't seen a new UD mascara in a minute, so it's a welcome product.

In her "sneak peek from the beach," Zomnir posed for a selfie with the iridescent pink and purple tube in her hands. In the caption, she noted that this lash lover is coming for fall. With the Fourth of July in the rear view, fall really does feel right around the corner.

Zomnir did not post a release date or further details. But eagle-eyed UD fans will notice something else.

There's the tube. But look at Zomnir's eyes... specifically her eyelashes. Check out how thick, dark, and defined they are. Many of us avoid mascara or eye makeup at the beach because it can get messy and run due to sweat, salt air, and salt water if we choose to go swimming. Yet Zomnir is rocking a serious eye look. Could she be sharing the fact Troublemaker is lifeproof? That it will last and last, regardless of where and how you wear it? Is she showing it off IRL, on her own peepers? All those scenarios are quite possible.

Beauty Junkies are here for the packaging. But I am more focused on Zomnir's eyes. Granted, I don't know for sure if she is wearing Troublemaker in her selfie. But it seems like a logical conclusion.

Courtesy of Urban Decay

These are the current UD mascara offerings.

Courtesy of Urban Decay

There are lots of mascara options.

Courtesy of Urban Decay

Troublemaker will be joining this lineup!

Here is some UD NAKED Heat to tide you over.

Also, enjoy some Urban Decay Go NAKED perfume pics before welcoming Troublemaker into your life and onto your lashes.