Violet Voss' Ride Or Die Launch Isn't Like Others

Forget everything you've ever known about makeup launches, because this brand is doing things a bit differently. Violet Voss created a Holy Grail Palette, and it's personalized in the best way possible. I'm talking gorgeous shades, ingredients, and names that fans were all in charge of helping create. When does Violet Voss' Holy Grail Palette come out, you ask? Listen up, because this isn't your average makeup launch.

Normally when brands create their eyeshadow palettes, they do it all themselves. Well, not this time. From the shades to the names, Violet Voss' Ride Or Die Palette has all been chosen by fans. All 42 (!!!) of the colors have all been curated by fans and have been named with fans' names as well. That's pretty darn awesome, if you ask me.

According to Violet Voss' Instagram post, this launch is a little different than others. The post says that there will be "sneak peek release" coming sometime soon. Then the palette won't be available again until sometime Spring/Summer 2017.

It's not the most conventional launch ever, but it's definitely exciting. There was no exact release date set yet for either of the shopping options. I'm willing to bet it will pop up on social media soon though.

The social media posts says that all of the colors were carefully curated and placed in the palette. You can tell from the photo that each color in the row goes from light to dark in the same color scheme. On top of that, the hues are also infused with jojoba oil, cruelty and paraben free, and vegan. It doesn't get much better than that!

Don't confuse this with their previous products though. They do already have a Holy Grail Palette, but it's nothing like the Ride Or Die. For starters, the new one is doubled in size, so that should clear up any confusion. It will also be a bit more expensive. According to social media, the Ride Or Die Palette will cost $68, while they typically only cost $45. Of course, you're getting a ton more for your money though.

In my opinion, the Ride Or Die Palette is definitely one to watch. It has everything from mattes to shimmers in all the staple shades. Just keep your eyes out for the exact launch date.

Images: violetvoss/Instagram (1), Violet Voss (1)