When Is Apple's Red iPhone Available?

by Kiersten Hickman

If you've been wondering how to get your hands on Apple's new (PRODUCT)RED iPhone since you laid eyes on it, fret not: It will be in your hands in just a few weeks time! However, the day you should be ordering this new iPhone is actually much sooner. So when is Apple’s red iPhone available?

This new red iPhone, for which proceeds will go toward raising money for the Global Fund for AIDS, will be ready for you to order starting Mar. 24! Although shipping won’t start until the end of the month, you’ll be able to preorder your new phone starting this week. (PRODUCT)RED is an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s special edition. These phones actually range in price, starting at $749 for the 128GB phone and $849 for the 256GB. Sure, it’s pricey, but let’s dig into why this money is really going to good use: By purchasing one of these phones, you are helping out with a worldwide movement that combats AIDs and assists the over 37 million people who currently live with the disease.

Pre-order The New Red iPhone Here

Apple is partnering with (RED) for this new iPhone, an organization that Bono and Bobby Shriver started in 2006. Their goal was to get businesses involved with fighting AIDS — a virus that attacks the cells in your body’s immune system. by partnering through products, such as the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone. In the past decade, (RED) has raised $465 million through the help of their partners. They partner with tons of other companies including Alex and Ani, The Giving Keys, Vespa, and even Belvedere.

Now this isn’t Apple’s first time partnering with (RED). They’ve had other products available in the past, like the iPod Nano and Beats headphones and speakers. Currently Apple is selling a (PRODUCT)RED iPod touch, so if you can’t wait for the new iPhone and would rather just buy an iPod, then that’s totally an option. Have an iPhone 6 or 6s you’re totally in love with? No sweat, you can still contribute to the Global Fund for AIDS with this leather case for $49.

Pre-order The New Red iPhone Here

So make sure to mark your calendars for Mar. 24, 2017, and that new (PRODUCT)RED iPhone will be all yours!