Get BECCA's Latest For Your 2017 Beauty Routine


New year, new skin routine, you know what I mean? Now that another year is here, it’s time to start re-evaluating areas of your life, and there’s no room for messing around when it comes to taking care of your skin in 2017. Thankfully, BECCA Cosmetics is making it easy to take your beauty steps to the next level. When is BECCA Cosmetics’ First Light Priming Filter coming out? Get ready to say hello to a rejuvenated self in the New Year!

According to the brand’s Instagram, the company who brought you the amazing Champagne Pop highlighter is coming out with a “skin-awakening primer” that will hydrate you and get you looking fresh, no matter how late you stayed up the night before. Hey, meeting those New Year’s resolutions is a full-time job, and BECCA gets it.

Because they understand what you’re going through, they’re coming out with this product sooner rather than later. According to the Insta post, it will be available soon. So, keep a close eye for when this life-changing primer is on the market. You’re not going to want to miss your chance to shop a formula that not only preps your face for makeup application, but also evens your complexion to give you major “woke up like this” vibes.

There's nothing you can't accomplish with a flawless face, you know?

BECCA's new primer will get you looking radiant in no time.

Something like this will majorly upgrade your makeup collection.

It's time to refresh, and this baby will help you do just that!

If the First Light Priming Filter is anywhere near as good as similar products from the brand, you're going to love it.

Once this is on the market, consider your resolutions met! There's nothing you can't handle, especially not when you've got beauty items that also work wonders for your skin in your arsenal. Look out 2017. BECCA fans are coming for you!