This Is The Last Call For ColourPop x Hello Kitty

All good things come to an end in life and in makeup. The ColourPop x Hello Kitty collab is, IMO, one of the brand's best so far. But it's here for a short time only. I grabbed the makeup bag and actually use it to store all of my electronics, like my portrable charger, travel charger, earbuds, Jetpack, etc. I also purchased three of the lippies and adore them, from the textures to the pink shades to the iconic HK bows stamped on the caps. Most of the items in the collection are currently in stock on the ColourPop site, which is the L.A. indie brand's sales platform. But alas, ColourPop x Hello Kitty is limited edition, not a permanent addition to the brand's repertoire of affordable, high quality, and on trend products. When is the last call for Colour Pop x Hello Kitty?

Well, several vloggers have posted their handwritten notes from the ColourPop team, noting that Hello Kitty is going away as of Wednesday, Feb. 1. The note also reveals that the HK eyeshadows will be made available as single serves on Monday, Jan. 23.

Bustle reached out to ColourPop reps to confirm that this intel that Feb. 1 is the Last Call for #HelloColourPop and for additional details about the singles.

Handwritten notes really are sweet and personal in this digital day and age, right? Screenshots of the same note, addressed to MakeupByJesi also landed online, as well.

So there's two pieces of information in these handwritten notes — the first is that #HelloColourPop is saying sayonara in just a few short weeks, but not before the collection's eyeshadows are made available in a la carte form for a short time. Currently, all CP x HK shadows are available in sets.

Oh, ColourPop x Hello Kitty! You and your sassy sweetness will be missed.

If you are a ColourPop obsessive, you will want to gobble up what's available re: the Hello Kitty products now! They will be leaving the building before you know. Write this down now: Single shadows are coming on Jan. 23 and the collection's grande finale is Feb. 1.

Image: Trendmood/Instagram (1); Courtesy of ColourPop (4)