IT Cosmetics' New Eye Cream Has Caffeine In It!

Who needs a shot of caffeine, via an AM-preferred beverage like coffee or tea, when you can get it from a jar? IT Cosmetics new Confidence in an Eye Cream is the brand's latest offering and since IT creams often develop a cult following, I am expecting similar love for this gem. That's because it's formulated with caffeine and other skin-friendly ingredients. CIAEC will wake up the eye region, thanks to its smoothing qualities, its brightening agents, which come courtesy of an exclusive apricot tint, and since caffeine can reduce puffiness. Aaah! When and where can you buy a jar of the new IT Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream?

Confidence in an Eye Cream, which is formulated to be used both morning and night, will be available via the IT Cosmetics site on Tuesday, Mar. 21. The product will then be sold via the Ulta site and at Ulta locations in April. It comes with a $38 price tag and is a triple threat dream cream since it brightens, repairs, and transforms.

It Cosmetics Confidence In An Eye Cream, $38, Ulta

I have used the brand's Confidence in a Cream for my face and it's a thick, rich moisturizer that never feels heavy or greasy. A little goes a long way, too. I didn't leave a drop in the jar; it's that good.

It Cosmetics Confidence In A Cream, $48, Ulta

Don't you want to dive in and scoop a little up and dab around your peepers? I received a press sample and have already added it to my nightly routine.

Another rad thing about Confidence in an Eye Cream? It's formulated for all skin types, so anyone can use it. Woo hoo!

Here is some free advice that I learned from my late Italian grandmother, who had smooth, wrinkle-free skin all of her life. It's never, ever too soon to care for the skin on your face or around your eyes.

Images: Courtesy of IT Cosmetics (1)