KKW Beauty Is Coming Back

Summer 2017 hasn't been short on beauty launches. Beauty junkies have gotten Jaclyn Hill's collaboration with Morphe and Chrissy Teigen's gorgeous BECCA palette. Now, another summer fave is coming back. A new KKW Beauty restock is on the beauty slate, and it's right around the corner.

According to both the KKW Beauty Instagram and website, the next restock is July 20 at 12 p.m PT. If you're a West Coast fan, your lunch break is about to be consumed with waiting to hit the check out section of the KKW Beauty website.

All four shades of the Highlight & Contour Kit will be back and up for grabs. Now that beauty gurus' reviews of the product have hit the internet, you definitely know whether or not you want to shop it and which one to choose if you do. While there are always naysayers, as it turns out, people truly seem to enjoy the product. Some reviews have been mixed and calls have been made for more product per kit, but the overall consensus on the product appears to be positive.

Alongside the kits, the KKW x Kylie Creme Liquid Lipsticks will also be restocking on July 20, and if you want to get a total KKW Beauty approved face, shopping the restock is the perfect way to do it.

While the restock is later in the day for both East and West Coast fast, no matter what side of the States you live on, you'll still want to set your alarms. Not only did the kits sell out during their initial launch, but they also disappeared quickly during the first restock.

Of course, the key to snagging such a popular item is getting your plan of attack together. The kits come in light, medium, dark, and deep dark, and knowing which one — or more — you want right as you go in to shop will give you the best odds. Also, be ready with your credit card, these beauties are $48 per kit, and you'll want to secure yours as quickly as possible.

If you want to shop the KKW Beauty restock, mark your calendar and set your alarms for Friday, July 20 at 12 p.m PT. Kardashian's products have a clear history of selling out, and you don't want to miss this opportunity.