When Is Mercury Retrograde Over In 2018? Here's When You're Safe From The Shenanigans

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This might be hard to believe, but the upcoming completion of March also signifies the end of the first quarter of 2018. With half of Capricorn, all of Aquarius, and half of Pisces seasons complete, it can be easy to forget astrology has more in store than just the 13 signs. In fact, one of the most significant — and infamous — astrological events is set to occur later this month. When is Mercury retrograde expected to be over in 2018? Not soon enough, unfortunately. You will have to wait until it is solidly springtime before Mercury finishes this round of retrograde.

Mercury retrograde is set to begin later this month on March 22 and end on April 15, per Astrology Zone — mere hours after the onset of Aries season, and two days after the Spring equinox (because not enough is happening at once!). Mercury retrograde is undoubtedly viewed as one of the most dreaded astrological events, as it is known to cause unreliable communication and possible lapses in technology. But, why does one faraway planet have such a profound impact on everything on earth? Plus, how is that big distant rock able to complicate things so much?! It is kind of a funny situation.

Mercury's role as a planet is as the ruler of communication and movement, according to Astrostyle. But, take a moment to think about just how much these two areas encompass. Its effects are as microscopic as one-on-one communication and as vast as everyone's electronics, travel, cell towers, and even the internet. When it enters retrograde, it's movement appears somewhat backwards from the earth. So when this occurs, people on earth report all of the areas it affects so profoundly follow suit, and tend to go a little haywire.


Beginning March 22 and continuing through April 15 (of COURSE Mercury retrograde is happening concurrently with with Tax Day) little details about your daily life may begin to feel more mixed up. You may stumble over your words or feel unable to recall a word you just had on the tip of your tongue. When you're talking to someone it is possible what you intend to say will be misunderstood, so try choosing your language more carefully. To be cautious, draft emails and texts before sending them. Make sure you keep a phone charger handy in case of an abrupt cell phone shutdown (you know the type). Bring a notepad and pen with you in your bag to write down important information, and have it double as a place you can journal if you begin to feel particularly overwhelmed. In fact, try to cut corners with technology usage wherever you can (this actually is not a terrible idea no matter what position the planets hold).

In case of travel delays (can the MTA really get any worse?), perhaps allow yourself extra time in the morning to get ready and get out the door — something you should do anyway to ease up on the stress that accompanies a commute.

Naturally, let this serve as cautionary, anecdotal advice and not a critical warning. There is no true science to support any of this actually takes place when Mercury reportedly enters retrograde. As it typically happens three to four times per year, chances are you have lived through countless periods of Mercury in retrograde and never even realized it. Like every period of hardship, the best thing you can do to prepare for the road that lay ahead is take care of yourself.

Everything will work out in the end. The road to get where you are supposed to be going may just be a little topsy turvy (or backwards, rather).