When Is National Nail Polish Day? Essie Invented A Super Cute Holiday

There is a holiday for everything anymore — so much such that it feels like each day on the calendar is assigned its own "faux" holiday or thing to celebrate. There is a day reserved for left-handed people and one for lipstick. Now, there is a national Nail Polish Day, as invented by beloved and behemoth nail care company essie. The brand has declared Jun. 1 as the first-ever National Nail Polish Day. Because why not! So how does one celebrate this super cute holiday? With a manicure, of course!

However, while NNPD might seem frivolous or just a clever marketing initiative at first, there really is something deeper at play here and it is a cause for celebration.

essie, which built its rep on its amazing colors, such as the perfect pink Ballet Slippers shade and dark and naughty hues like Wicked, is encouraging its fans, polish wearers, and nail obsessives to share their fave essie or nail polish moment aka #essielove story and by posting on socials and hashtagging #nationalnailpolishday.

I can actually remember many of the nail lacquers I wore for big events in my life. I wore essie's now-discontinued nude shade Potato Fields when I met my favorite boyfriend of my entire life. The relationship went the way of the shade — it no longer exists— but I have the best memories of it. My nails always looked clean when wearing it.

Courtesy of essie

While perfumes and scents are tied to memory, I can say the same about nail polish hues. And I am always seeking a perfect matte black shade for my pedis and for a sky blue that stays vibrant during sandal season.

Courtesy of essie

But here's why National Nail Polish Day is actually more important than you realize. Personally, I find the ritual of getting a weekly or biweekly manicure to be so incredibly relaxing. It's that 40 minutes to an hour out of my week where I am forced to put my phone down — a difficult task in and of itself since I am a power user who operates a business off my phone. It's increasingly tough to text or tap the keyboard when nails are being filed or painted.

It's a therapeutic way to step away from work and the electronic handcuff that is my phone. I have no choice but to put down my phone and learn to relax, decompress, and tune out for an hour. Yes, my nails, cuticles, and hands are getting pampered and it's a procedure that keeps them healthy.

Courtesy of essie

But it's that ability to mentally recharge during a beauty treatment that's even more crucial. There's nothing wrong with a little "me" time. And that's why Nail Polish day matters. So treat yourself to a mani or pedi on Thursday, Jun. 1.