Stila's Matte N' Metal Palette Is Gorg

You know what the world needs right now? Another palette. Joking, obviously. You can't turn around without a palette sneaking up on you scary movie-style these days, but Stila's new eyeshadow palette... it's not one to be mad about. It's actually, dare I say, gorgeous. First things first: When is Stila's Matte 'N Metal Eyeshadow Palette coming out? Reach out your hand, you can almost touch it.

The brand gave fans a sneak peak at the palette on Thursday, all the better to whet our appetites for the launch. Part of Stila's spring collection, it'll be available right after New Year's, along with some other "👉🏻HIGHLY 👈🏻 requested items," according to the brand. Those emojis don't lie, and if the palette's fellow launches are equally beaut, it'll be a collection to watch for.

Love a self-explanatory name, and the palette's is just that: It features a fifty-fifty mix of matte and metallic eyeshadows. Soft, flattering browns and purples make up the mattes, while the metallics lean jewel-toned with complementing pairs of bronze, red and gunmetal. The smaller duo break-down means that blending will be a sitch, and it avoids the semi-dupe hues some palettes can run into. With a balance of warm and cool shades, it's a one-size fits all sure bet.

There's no word on pricing yet, but Stila's other palettes are $49 and similarly 12 shadows, so it'll probably fall around that price range.

Compared to the other palettes, the Matte 'N Metal is a welcome entry — it's the brand's first even split of matte and metallics, ideal for people who want full everyday and all-out capabilities.

Coming on the heels of Stila's holiday Matte Metál Lipstick, the brand's stayed on theme with this upcoming launch. If it ain't broken, etc. — and judging by the number of brands diving into the metallic game (see: Milk Makeup's new Lip Metals), it's looking like the strongest trend heading into 2017. Ideal for the holidays (shine bright!! also etc.), and we'll see how they pan out for everyday life.

Images: StilaCosmetics/Instagram