Here’s When To Mark Your Calendar For This Month’s Full Moon

by Brittany Bennett
Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

All full moons have their own name, but none are as sweet as June's. If you turn to the sky every month to catch a glowing glimpse at the beautiful little moon that orbits our Earth, I'm sure you'll want to knowust exactly when the June strawberry moon is. Unfortunately, unlike the name suggests, it won't shine a pink hue down upon us for everyone to celebrate the start of summer — but, it will provide a light for us to bask in the beginning of strawberry season. Which, while Memorial Day barbecues are cool, feels like the ~official~ start of summer.

Prepare your full moon viewing party for Jun. 28 when the moon will glow 12:53 a.m. EST. It wouldn't hurt to have a bowl of freshly washed (or plucked) strawberries by your side to accentuate the experience. The moon was given the title of strawberry moon because of "the wild strawberries that start to ripen during this month," according to Time and Date. But the moon can also take on other names like the "Rose Moon" or "Honey Moon", which is equally as sweet. But not quite as juicy.

There's always a general ~vibe~ the beams send down when the moon is full. Under it's light feelings can be illuminated. And this strawberry moon is no different. But under its moonbeams will be an energy that inspires you to dance in its juicy light.

While the strawberry full moon on Jun. 28 will unfortunately not coat Earth with a pink shade, it will usher in the new season. As we all know — and have been waiting impatiently for since the sun started to set around 4:30 p.m. — the summer solstice will occur on Jun. 21. While we're already enjoying the perks of the sun's linger, this official date of summer will usher in the universal acceptance of summer Fridays, weekly barbecues and a delightful rooftop spritz. But it's this strawberry moon that is the juiciest way to announce the official start of the hottest season.

So, when can we expect that moment? The strawberry full moon will be ~exactly full~ at 12:53 a.m. on Jun. 28. But — you don't have to stay up to bask in the glow of summer's first full moon as it will appear to be full in the night sky all night on Jun. 28.

The moment when the moon turns exactly full is when the it is considered to be a full moon. This is where the question "when is the strawberry full moon" gets tricky. Depending on your time zone, the full moon could reach its full potential on Jun. 27. According to Earth Sky, "all the U.S. time zones to west of the Eastern Time Zone, the moon turns precisely full this evening – on Wednesday, June 27." Yes, the Full Moon will turn full at the same ~moment~ in the United States. But because of time zones, if you're not on the East Coast, the full moon will officially be on Jun. 27.

Now that we have the time and date ordeal figured out, you might want a fun full moon fact to throw around at your summer dinner party. According to Time and Date, around every 20 years the strawberry full moon syncs up with the solstice. And that sounds like a very good reason to throw a celebratory party.

Alas, we will not get a summer solstice/strawberry full moon crossover this year. But that means that we maybe get to celebrate the start of the summer season twice? I mean, the rise of June's full moon is definitely worth the effort to throw together a salad of summer's prized fruits. We've been waiting all winter for this.