Now We Know When We're Getting Details About the New iPhone — And It's Soon

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you’re itching to swap out your old phone, you might want to hold off on that purchase: it looks like Apple will unveil its latest line of iPhone models soon, and the big reveal is slated for Sept. 12. According to CNBC, the September 2018 event may showcase Apple’s new iPhones before they hit retail shelves over the following weeks. The new iPhone is expected to be announced during the Sept. 12 event, along with a number of other new products. Mashable reports that the upcoming Apple gathering will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, and the press event will also likely highlight other new gadgets like Apple Watches and the new MacBook Air.

CNBC further reports that upgrades are anticipated across Apple’s entire line of products, and new and improved iPads are expected along with a new Mac Mini — along with the updated iPhones, of course. USA Today also reports that Apple might introduce three new iPhones this September, including the largest iPhone to date: the iPhone X Plus, which is expected to have a six and half inch screen. The new X could be pretty spendy, however and might run upwards of $1,000. USA Today further notes that the current X model’s screen runs just shy of six inches, and despite its more expensive price tag, it remains Apple’s most popular iPhone to date. The current 5.8-inch X model will likely also be re-launched with updated features, according to USA Today.

According to Mashable, Apple is expected to roll out a new, smaller, and less expensive entry-level iPhone with a 6.1-inch LCD screen. And both X models will most likely feature improved camera features, a newer and faster processor, and OLED displays. CNBC reports that the new line of three iPhones will reportedly come with 3D sensors as well. CNBC further notes that Face ID facial recognition feature is expected to replace the home button in all models launched in 2018 and moving forward. Mashable notes that the new entry level iPhone will likely come in new colors, and will probably cost somewhere between $700 and $800.

In addition to the trio of new iPhones, Apple is also expected to launch the new series of Apple Watches — and it’s worth noting that the Series 4 watches might come with better heart rate detection. The new launch event might also feature two, slightly larger iPad Pro models, while a new 13-inch MacBook Air is also predicted to be available soon. And if you’re waiting on the new AirPower wireless charger, those may also be shipped out this year, too.

So whether you’re ready to upgrade your phone, replace your old MacBook Air, or you just want to check out that new Apple Watch series, the annual fall Apple event is likely to unveil some super cool new tech offerings. And if the notion of a bigger phone with upgraded features in a snazzy new color makes your heart sing, you’re all set to go, folks.