When To Start Buying Xmas Gifts For Someone You're Dating, According To A New Survey

FG Trade/Getty

Tis the season of long journeys back home, friendly reunions, and wandering around the shops having panicking about what your dad will want for Christmas. There’s a lot of great things about the festive period but, for a lot of us, present buying isn't one of them. And having to consider someone who you like a lot but barely know can be the cherry on top of the Christmas crisis. But how long into seeing someone should you get them a gift? While every relationship is different, you want that first Christmas gift you get your significant other to be something special. But how early on should you consider them?

Cuffing season comes just before Christmas. As people settle into their new relationships for the winter it can be the best excuse to stay in, snuggle on the sofa, and watch some Christmas classics. However, if you’ve only been seeing someone for six weeks, for example, should you buy them a Christmas present?

Dating app The Inner Circle questioned 2,006 active daters across the UK to find out when they’d be splashing out on their partner. The majority of daters (76%) said if you’ve been seeing someone between one to three months then you need to get them a present. A generous 8% said they’d buy a gift for someone they’d be seeing for less than a week.


Of the daters surveyed, 14% said it’d be acceptable to wait up to six months before dishing out on their significant other and a brave 1% said they’d wait longer than a year. However, the general consensus from The Inner Circle daters was that, if you’ve been seeing each other on the twelve weeks running up to Christmas, you should be buying them something.

One of the best things about this time of the year is buying something for your other half that you know they’ll love. Granted, this task is a little bit more difficult if you’ve only known each other a few weeks, but it’s the thought that counts. My advice would be, don't worry too much about timings — if buying a present feels right, go for it. If it doesn't, that's fine too. The festive season is about making memories and there’s something super romantic about sharing it with someone new.