Topshop's Bridal Collection Will Be Here Soon

If you are getting hitched and are therefore ISO a beautiful, modern, and affordable bridal gown, you need to look no further than Topshop. Yes, fast fashion retailer Topshop! Topshop's Bridal Collection is chic and current, eschewing traditional and old-fashioned (and IMO, outdated!) bridal looks in favor simple, understated, and gorgeous elegance. Topshop's bridal collection includes bridesmaids frocks, as well as accessories, like shoes. Oooh! When is the Topshop Bridal Collection available to buy?

According to Refinery29, the Topshop Bridal Collection will be available at select Topshop stores, as well as online, beginning Thursday, Apr. 13.

Refinery29 also reports that there are five limited edition bridal dresses in all sorts of silhouettes, from midi to peplum to column The price range is $650 to $1500.

The wedding party is well-repped by Topshop's Bridal Collection. There are 25 bridesmaids frocks, starting at $150 and going up to $420. These dresses come in soft pastels, floral prints, and modern shapes. Their affordability is super attractive; anyone who has ever done the bridesmaid gig knows it's also a financial commitment. The fact that the Topshop bridesmaid dresses are pretty and can be repurposed makes them incredibly appealing.

Bustle reached out to Topshop reps for further details.

Accessories are also a part of Topshop's bridal capsule. Shoes are included and cost $150, per Refinery 29. Lingerie and hair props are also part of the Topshop Bridal Collection lineup.

If you are newly-engaged and about to embark on the quest for the perfect wedding dress, you are in luck. The weather is breaking, the dresses are dropping soon, and you can shop your heart out!

Topshop also has plenty of fancy options if you are merely a guest at the wedding and not a member of the bridal party. Like this pretty pink frock pictured above.