When 'SIX' Returns For Season 2, It Will Have An Even Bigger Story To Tell

Brownie Harris

The first season of military drama SIX dramatized the lives and missions of Navy SEAL Team Six, the team behind the death of Osama Bin Laden and many other dangerous, covert missions. The first season covered the kidnapping of Rip Taggart, a former SEAL troop leader who made some critical errors during his deployment in Afghanistan, and the team that's dispatched to rescue him. The finale, airing Wednesday, March 8, should reveal whether Rip and his fellow captives are freed, and if Rip can truly atone for his crimes. But don't worry if it leaves some things hanging — History already renewed SIX for Season 2, as reported by TVLine.

The second season will be slightly longer than the first, with 10 episodes instead of eight, and according to the same report, those episodes are expected to go into production in Summer 2017. That should put SIX on schedule to return around the same time that the first season premiered, in early 2018. The Hollywood Reporter also estimated that Season 2 will premiere in 2018.

History has its fair share of hits right now, between some of its reality series — like Alone, or Swamp People — and its other original scripted drama, Vikings. So while it may be tempting to wish that SIX will return quickly, there's no reason for History to rush its return. This break would also allow the writers to take their time to craft a new story, and hopefully, one that's sensitive to the current political landscape.

HISTORY on YouTube

As History revealed in behind the scenes videos, the cast trained immensely in to take on the challenge of playing a group of the world's most highly trained soldiers. Getting in fighting shape and learning how to convincingly play a team that works together perfectly must have taken a long time to learn, drawing out the production speed on Season 1. And with a last minute cast change, too.

Originally, the show was cast with Joe Manganiello in the role of Rip Taggart, but he had to drop out for health reasons, according to Variety. That brought production to a stop as the series needed to recast until Walton Goggins was cast in the role and could reshoot Rip's scenes. Without any of these complications, there should be no reason for SIX Season 2 to start production any later than scheduled. A 2018 premiere may seem far off, but rest assured that SIX will be back with another high-octane, even longer season.