When ‘The Gifted’ Season 1 Comes Back In 2018, Fans May Finally Get Answers About The X-Men

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Dec. 11 marks the last episode of The Gifted before its winter hiatus begins. And , there won't be many episodes left to see. Before the show was even officially picked up, showrunner Matt Nix (according to The Hollywood Reporter), and that appears to be the case. After the midseason finale episode “eXploited” (Episode 10), there will only be a handful of episodes left. According to Epguides, with Episode 11, titled: “quick fiX."

As for the remaining two episodes, according to The Marvel Report, they will , on Jan. 15. And fans should already have an idea how the last few episodes of the season will play out, thanks to some comments from the creative team. According to Emma Dumont's (Polaris) recent interview with Bustle, who plays Polaris, the , and how the Mutant Underground began in the first place before the finale. “There’s a good chunk of the second half of the season that deals with Polaris and her family lineage and the repercussions of that," she said. "In the finale, we sort of see the origins of where the Mutant Underground came from, as far as Polaris and her story.”

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While Polaris can be harsh and prone to losing her temper, forming the Mutant Underground was something done in good faith and with a good heart. Although Dumont said to Den of Geek that , that does not mean his presence won’t loom dramatically, as the season ends. His presence is felt mentally, in her head, being torn between, “what her personal beliefs are and what she thinks is right, and then the other path is what she was born to do, which is be Magneto's daughter, which is to take over his legacy.”

Because she did not know her father, it could be assumed that Polaris was somehow aided by the X-Men. Perhaps, in the season finale it will be revealed that although the X-Men are gone, they were the ones who gave Polaris the responsibility to save as many mutants she could through her Mutant Underground, although, that remains to be seen. Of course, we may be getting ahead of ourselves. Before fans can learn more about Polaris and the Mutant Underground, the midseason finale means seeing some major developments from other characters like Thunderbird.

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In speaking with TV Guide, showunner Matt Nix confirmed that and he’d be a little out of control. After all, he is a leader of the Mutant Underground, and several of the people he’s been protecting have been captured by Sentinel Services, therefore, it makes sense he would get angry. “What we will see is a little bit more of Thunderbird, off the chain. He can be an angry guy and that comes up in this next episode in kind of a fun way,” Nix said. “Because he's also very strong, so he does cool stuff when he gets angry.”

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No matter whether Episode 10 leaves the Mutant Underground exposed or the rest of the mutant cast of The Gifted captured, it is clear there are some major developments set for the season finale airing in January. This battle isn't over, and there are still several questions marks where the X-Men are concerned. The Gifted's season is almost over,