Kylie's Latest Makeup Launch Comes After Kim Released The EXACT Same Product

The Kylie Cosmetics empire continues to expand, keeping customers satisfied with incredibly frequent drops. Whether it's shade expansions for existing products or brand new offerings, there's always something thrilling happening at the Kylie compound. The latest source of excitement is the Kylie Cosmetics setting powders, which launch on March 7. The product will come in six shades — Translucent, Soft Pink, Beige, Yellow, Dark, and Deep Dark. They will be available via the brand's website.

In the Instagram post revealing the Kylie Cosmetics Setting Powders, the brand described its latest product as "weightless and gorgeous" and noted the "loose powders effortlessly set your makeup, balance oils, and provide a natural, skin-like finish."

These powders will be the period at the end of the sentence that is your makeup routine. They can set cream product when you've done a full contoured look. They can also combat shine when you're rocking that low-key, "no makeup" look.

Jenner revealed plenty of details about her latest launch, which comes after the baking powders created by her big sister Kim Kardashian West and KKW Beauty last year, in her personal Instagram Story.

The Setting Powders will be packaged in round, millennial pink jars. The dispensers include oval holes, rather than circular ones. The makeup mogul said she specifically chose that shape so product is easier to reach and apply — especially when you are running low.

In the Instagram Stories, Jenner walked through each shade and offered tips on how to use several of them. It was as though she was your own personal makeup artist for a few hot minutes. The reality star shared that she uses Soft Pink under her eyes. Beige, on the other hand, is a shade that she uses all over her face. She was quick to point out that the powder "doesn't change the color of our makeup — it just really works beautifully all over."

Jenner stated that makeup lovers should always have a "good yellow powder in your collection... to bake, or if you have darker skin, it's for your under eyes." Regarding the Dark shade, Jenner suggested that those with lighter skin could apply it over cream bronzer.

Jenner also swatched the Dark and Deep Dark shades on the back of her hand to demonstrate the difference in tone. She noted that several of the shades can be mixed, matched, or worn together. She hyped up the fact that the texture is so silky soft that it will literally melt into your skin.

These images of the setting powder compacts with the caps off give you a clear view of each shade. Jenner explained why now was the right time for her to add setting powders to the Kylie Cosmetics repertoire.

"Powder is such an important part of of my makeup," she said during her Instagram story. "It was important for me to release this after brushes, bronzers, and highlighters. It completes every look. I worked hard to get the colors right so there's no flashback."

As of press time, neither the brand nor Jenner revealed the price of the setting powders, whether or not they will be sold in a bundle, or what time they will go on sale. Bustle reached out to Kylie Cosmetics reps for further details.

With the addition of the setting powders to its assortment of products, Kylie Cosmetics continues to cement its status as a one-stop shop for all your makeup needs.