There's A New "Super" Dry Shampoo Made For Extra Greasy Hair

Courtesy of OUAI

Dry shampoos are the pinch hitter of hair care. They refresh locks, save time, and add texture while combating dirt and oil until your next wash session. But what about those days when you just need something, well, super? OUAI's Super Dry Shampoo answers the coif calls of those of us with unapologetically filthy locks. The formula is packed with all sorts of powerful ingredients that will zap grease and gunk, and allow you to go another day (or two) without shampooing.

OUAI Super Dry Shampoo arrives via the Instagram-loved brand's site on Sept. 6 and costs $24 per can. If you only wash your hair a few times a week, Ouai Super Dry Shampoo will sound like a lifesaver.

"Super Dry has been in the works for almost two years now," OUAI founder and celebrity stylist Jen Atkin tells Bustle via email. "Let's face it — nobody washes their hair these days. We wanted a next level dry shampoo that has higher absorbency for oil and dirt. But it had to feel super soft and not starchy, and of course smell like Melrose Place."

The Super Dry Shampoo's innovative formula features volcanic minerals and rice starch, both of which work together to soak up all the generally icky stuff that can make hair limp and "meh." The volcanic minerals naturally cleanse and detoxify hair while the rice starch is not only majorly absorbent but it also boosts volume, according to the press materials. The Melrose Place scent that Atkin mentioned is divine — it mixes fresh and fruity notes of rose, bergamot, lychee, cedarwood, and white musk. You will find yourself sniffing your strands throughout the day.

OUAI recommends using Super Dry Shampoo between blowouts when your scalp starts feeling gross. Shake the can and blast your roots from 10 to 12 inches away so you don't use too much product and end up with the reverse effect of weighing your locks down.

Courtesy of OUAI

OUAI Super Dry Shampoo isn't just a superhero hair product. It has a charity element, too. OUAI has partnered with, a menstrual care nonprofit, for this launch. The organization works to provide women in need with access to period products. OUAI will donate $20,000 to aid the nonprofit group's efforts to end period poverty and stigma while bringing a little more visibility to the cause. Atkin told Refinery29 that her brand is "committed to helping other people as much as we can and taking a stance on things that affect our community."

Courtesy of OUAI

It's worth noting that some dermatologists warn against overusing dry shampoo because it can clog pores and lead to build up, itchiness, and other hair health and growth issues. While this product shouldn't act as a total replacement for the act of shampooing, OUAI Super Dry Shampoo is a powerhouse option that'll get yo through those days and weeks when you just don't have time for many traditional washes.