Sol de Janerio's Bum Bum Cream Now Comes As A Super Glowy Oil — EXCLUSIVE

Every beauty lover can slip up when it comes to protecting their skin, whether that be sleeping in your makeup *slaps hand* or skipping sunscreen. If you're struggling with the latter, Sol de Janeiro will launch SPF and glow oil products to put protecting your skin at the forefront of your skin care regimen.

You may recognize the brand name as it's the same one that introduced the world to the notorious Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, giving its users smooth and firm skin on their rears. The same brand is now moving into sun products and making its new My Sol Stick SPF 50, Bum Bum Sol Oil SPF 30, and Glowmotion Oils the front runners.

While most are still trying to brave the bitter cold winter has to offer, Sol de Janeiro is giving fans something to look forward to once bikini season comes around. The My Sol Stick acts as a moisturizing sun protecting balm while the Bum Bum Sol Oil is an illuminating sun protecting oil, making this something fun to wear but also skin safe.

If you want to dew yourself up in the best possible way this summer, the brand's Glowmotion Oils are here to give your body the shimmery glow straight out of Brazilian beaches.

Bustle spoke exclusively with the brand's Founding Partner and Lead of Product Innovation, Camila Pierotti, to understand why the Sol Stick and Bum Bum Sol Oil SPF products were essential additions to its collection of skin care.

"We love the sun in Brazil and know how to fully enjoy it while protecting and loving our skin. This is the inspiration behind out SPF Oil. It protects skin while also nourishing it with our signature Brazilian Beauty Blend of cupuaçu butter, açai oil and coconut oil..." she told Bustle. "We’re passionate about caring for our bodies and only use high-quality ingredients."

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The Sol Stick SPF is ideal for the smaller, more sensitive parts of your body, targeting lips, eyes, ears, nose, and even your tattoos. It'll retail at $26 and also goes on swiftly over your makeup, so you can have your beat and save your pores too. Your next beach stay will make applying sunscreen easy since its stick formula makes for portable skin protection.

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If the smell of Sol de Janeiro's Bum Bum Cream had you sniffing your nose off, then this $38 protecting oil will have you inhaling even more of the delicious fumes. This blend of cupuacu, butter, acai oil and coconut oil helps to moisturize the skin while also giving your skin the dewy glow of your glass skin dreams.

Skin Softening Glow Oil

The search for the greatest glow continues whenever the sun comes out. Sol de Janeiro's launching five new Glowmotion Oils to cater to all shades. In addition to its Copacabana Bronze Glow Oil, you can get the brand's Rio Sunset Glow Oil for a rosy glow, the Samba Sway for a deeper bronze, Goldie Rocks for a plush glow, and Master Flash, a purple glow shade.

The glow oils feature slight shimmer, but are non stick and non-transferable, so you keep the glow on your face and off of your favorite sweater. Here's to getting your glow this spring.

Update: Both the Sol Stick and Bum Bum Sol Oil products are coming soon with no official launch date.

The new Glowmotions, Copacabana & Rio have already launched on the brand's site, so you can start your glow up immediately. It will also be available on on March 19, and you'll be able to try and buy in Sephora stores March 22.

Sol de Janeiro's Limited Edition Glowmotion shades, Samba Sway, Goldie Rocks, and Master Flash will be available on the brand's site March 5, on March 19 and in Sephora stores March 22.

Your skin will thank you sooner rather than later.