Jessica Rabbit Has Her Own Makeup Collection Because You've NEVER Envied A Bunny's Glam More

Fans of the 1988-released animated classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, you are about to be transported to Toontown. A Ciaté London x Jessica Rabbit makeup collection is on the way and you will want to add every product into your daily beauty rotation. Jessica Rabbit was loved by '80s kids for her dramatic, curled lashes, scarlet lips, and long, wavy locks. Now, her signature, mega glamorous vibe has been distilled into this small but focused collection.

There are only three products in the set, but they are all high impact. The Ciaté London x Jessica Rabbit range is comprised of an eyeshadow palette, a highlighter compact, and a lipstick. It’s basically a full face kit. The sophisticated chanteuse and wife of Roger Rabbit factors prominently in all of the packaging. You may find yourself compelled to creatively repurpose the containers after you hit pan due to the graphics.

The limited edition, cruelty-free collection will arrive at Sephora on March 5. The brand will also sell the entire collection on its own website.

The nine-pan eyeshadow palette includes both matte and shimmer shadows in a variety of colors. There is a balanced mix of neutrals and bright, jewel tones — you get purple, pink, gold, red, and peach shades that you can layer, mix, and match.

You can build subtle or smoky eye looks since this palette provides enough hues to do both. It also features the iconic purple shade that Jessica Rabbit always wore. It will cost $39, according to the press materials received by Bustle.

Courtesy of Ciaté London

The Glow-To Creamy Powder Highlighter in "Roger, Darling" is a soft focus, peachy pink hue that will give your skin that dewy, lit from within glow. An image of Jessica Rabbit looking over her shoulder is stamped into the product. It's almost too pretty to use. It will retail for $32.

Courtesy of Ciaté London

The Glitter Storm Red Lipstick brings a major dose of drama and is ultimately the hero product of the collection. It glimmers like a diamond and will allow you to rock a statement pout. It's Jessica Rabbit's signature crimson shade and comes with a $22 price tag.

Courtesy of Ciaté London

In its Instagram story, the brand confirmed that all of the shades are brand new and have not been featured in past collections.

Fans of Ciaté London, which was primarily known as a nail brand before branching out into other color categories, were quick to express their excitement regarding this collection in the comments of the Instagram posts.

One user wrote, "This is so cute. Love Jessica Rabbit!! Think I'll buy one just because it has her on it. You did a great job," while another exclaimed, "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. One 1,000, Two 1,000, Three 1,000!" Another fan stated," Oh man! I need ALL OF IT! Especially that highlighter."

While Jessica Rabbit famously uttered, "I'm not bad, I’m just drawn that way” in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, her Ciaté London makeup collection reminds us that sometimes it's really good to be bad.