Zara Is Bringing Back Neon & You Will Actually Be All-In On The Trend

Sometimes you're not entirely sure something is a trend until a store puts it on a mannequin and wakes you up to its potential. That's what one particular Spanish retailer is doing right now, where Zara is making neon a trend for Winter 2019, beating back the threat of polar vortexes and frosted eyebrows with bright and happy highlighter colors that make you think of the 1980s, but gone modern.

Fashion has been having something of a minimalist renaissance these last few years, where clean lines and athletic street style looks have been the prevalent, go-to outfit choices. It was all neutral color schemes and label-heavy waistbands and logo-ed chests, but now Zara is making us look in a different direction when it comes to our wardrobes. And it's full of bright, over-saturated colors.

Zara’s new City Front Row collection 2019 is all about neon, and it will be the best way to beat back any winter blues. Every February, the store releases their City Front Row collection, which is named in honor of fashion week and the exclusive front row section earmarked for the heaviest hitters in the fashion industry. This year, New York Fashion Week kicked off on Feb. 4, where the city swarmed with best dressed fashion enthusiasts and industry leaders. And what better way to mimic those fashion lovers than to bump up your closet with some acidic color?

Taking a cue from the strong-shouldered and tutu-skirted '80s, the City Front Row collection is filled with a whole highlighter pack of neon colors. Acid green coats will help you retire your black puffer jacket and stand out cheerfully on the train, fluorescent animal print bags will add a brave pop of color to a simple outfit, fluorescent green sock booties will be just the thing to sizzle against the white piles of snow on the sidewalks, and cherry red pants are the energy shot your wardrobe needed as you sludge through the rest of winter. Check out some of the top picks below and shop the whole collection at Zara here.

Slime Green Coat

If you're tired of the parade of grey peacoats and practical black puffer parkas, then this slime green winter coat can be the refresh your closet needs right now. Its loose, slouchy shape is menswear inspired, and its long length will be just the thing to pair with dresses and wide leg pants.

Yellow Pantsuits

Take a cue out of the '80s playbook and dress yourself in loud and colorful pantsuits. There's no better way to feel powerful and like you're commanding a room then when you're wearing a canary yellow suit that is impossible to miss.

Florescent Green Boots

Brighter than any highlighter in the office supply aisle, these sock booties will take center stage in your wardrobe. They will pep up everything from jeans to winter dresses, bringing a retro vibe to your outfits.

Puffer Jacket Handbags

This fuchsia colored shopper with a quilted exterior adds an unexpected pop of pink to your winter weekday look. It's just aggressive enough where it walks the line between retro and chic.

Whether you buy yourself some accent pieces, or decide to go full-out '80s with multiple neon accents doesn't matter — all that does is that winter now has more than just black to choose from. Have fun with it!