Your Spoiler-Free Guide To Going To The Bathroom During ‘Endgame’

Minor spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame. One pre-disclosed fact about the new Avengers movie has fans feeling anxious (but still excited) about seeing it in theaters, and that's the runtime. More specifically, fans feel anxious about what a long runtime might mean for their bladders. The Infinity War sequel, out April 26, is over three hours long, and even if you swear off liquids during the screening, you may need to take a pee-break. So when should you go to the bathroom during Endgame? Fortunately, you have a few options, and we're going to try to explain them to you with minimal spoilers.

Many reviews that have already come out about the film indicate that Endgame doesn't include back-to-back high-action sequences, so you have a few good windows of opportunity to make your way to the restroom. For The Verge, Tasha Robinson writes, "Endgame gives its characters a lot of downtime to consider the ramifications of their moves, or to explore personal sidetracks that drop the momentum off to nothing." As much as you might want to have your eyes on the screen for every second — of which there are 10,858 in the nearly three-hour long film — you can miss a few of them without missing major plot points.

If You Need To Go To The Bathroom During The First Hour Of Endgame

Perhaps just the mere excitement of seeing the movie that's expected to completely upend the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe has your bladder acting out. It's totally normal to have to pee when you're nervous, too, so don't be too hard on yourself if you don't even make it midway to the movie before slipping off to use the bathroom. The beginning of Endgame starts off relatively slowly, so you have a few options here. The cue you might want to look out for is during a scene featuring Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) when he's working in his home late at night. After Tony finds out whether his test was successful or not, then you can feel free to head out for a few minutes, as you'll only miss an admittedly emotionally impactful scene that doesn't bear great consequences on the overall plot.

For A Break Midway Through The Film

Look out for a sentimental moment between Thor and a female character. Rocket Raccoon will also be there, to give you a bit more of a hint, but that's really all you can know if you don't want any spoilers for the film. During a press screening of Endgame, a lot of people were going to the bathroom around this point anyway, so your body might naturally tell you that you need to momentarily exit the theater. Again, you'll be missing an emotional scene, but it's not really anything that affects the overall plot.

Last Chance: After The Avengers Return From Their Big Experiment

This moment, probably about two hours into the movie, is the last chance you have to escape the theater, between two major events. There's a bit of an emotional reprieve at this moment, and even if you might feel like you need to stick around to see it all, if you've gotta go, you've gotta go, and you really don't want to miss the final hour or so of the film.

As much as you might feel the need to abstain from liquids for a full 24 hours before going to see Endgame, that really isn't very healthy or practical. And you may make it through the full three hour-long movie, no problem. But if you're struggling, these are your best bets.