'Love Island' Might Play A Huge Part In Caroline Flack's Wedding & OMG, Jel

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This year's Love Island has officially begun, the young couples are matched (for now), and the seeds for possible romance have been sown, all with the help of the island's very own cupid, Caroline Flack. But what about the presenter herself? Since getting engaged to Andrew Brady earlier this year on April 28, plenty of people have been wondering when Caroline Flack will get married. So what exactly has the star got planned for her own big day?

After just a couple of months dating each other, Flack and Brady, a former contestant on the 2017 series of The Apprentice, announced their engagement via a very cute Instagram post. Since then however, news about a date for the wedding, a possible guest list, or any plans about location and venue have been very quiet. Considering how quickly the couple put a ring on it, it was natural to expect the details of the big day soon after. Flack recently spoke about her plans to OK! Magazine, and even went as far as to hint that the gorgeous Majorcan Love Island villa may play a part in her big day.

Talking to OK!, Flack declared that when it comes to wedding organisation, she isn't well, the most organised. The presenter said that she had hoped plans would sort of fall into place, but so far that hasn't been the case. "I was hoping I’d get engaged and someone would call me up and say: 'I heard you’re getting married, do you want me to organise it for you?' But no one has! I might get married in the villa..."


With her time currently taken up with this year's series of Love Island and helping those hopefuls find romance, it's understandable that Flack would be preoccupied. "We haven’t decided anything. I don’t know how to organise a wedding," she said in the same interview, while adding how loved up she is with her new partner. "It’s about a connection and if it’s there, then you know. It’s such a simple subject but it’s also complicated because that spark is hard to describe."

Brady on the other hand, has been keeping a low profile since his engagement. Shortly after the pair started stating, it was rumoured that they had parted way, with the Metro reporting that Flack felt she couldn't trust Brady. It seems like the pair have worked everything out now, with Flack telling the Mail on Sunday, "I knew things felt different in the lead-up; from the very first date with Andrew I felt as though I’d known him for years. I’ve never had that feeling before."

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While we're short on details about the big day, Flack has countered any claims that the couple aren't set on tying the knot in a recent interview with Women's Health that has been reported by The Sun. "I thought work was always what I wanted to do, but now, I don't know, maybe I just hadn't met the right guy," she told the magazine. Now however, she feels totally different about the idea. She even went as far as to say she has thought about having children, "Of course, it's possible to have it all. Work, marriage, babies – I know a lot of women who do all of it; who have raised families and go to work every day."

The presenter went on to say that "I forgot what it felt like. When you fall in love," (aww) which is hopefully all the news we need that wedding plans between Brady and her are on the horizon. As things heat up in the Majorcan villa over the next few weeks, I'm sure there will be plenty of other options for a romantic wedding between Brady and Flack. And a magic wedding planner may even present themselves for the job at hand.