Here's When We Might *Finally* Meet Edgar Evernever On 'Riverdale'

Shane Harvey/The CW

With the Gargoyle King mystery behind her, Betty should finally be able to focus on bringing down the Farm that's brainwashed half of her family. The cult's leader, Edgar Evernever, has officially been cast in the show, and hopefully, his arrival in town will bring our young detective all the answers she needs. But when exactly is he coming? When will Chad Michael Murray be on Riverdale?

The official CW description for the Feb. 27 episode teases that "Betty grows concerned when Alice decides to take her commitment with The Farm to the next level" — and honestly, what else is new? When has she ever not been concerned about the Farm? At this point, the biggest twist would be if the Farm was actually harmless.

Meanwhile, the description for the March 6 episode, "Fire Walk With Me," reveals that "Betty takes matters into her own hands when she learns that the Farm has set their sights on someone in her inner circle." Maybe that's when she meets the man behind the hippie curtain?

Murray, who was cast as Edgar earlier this month, is not listed in either press release, and since this week's episode is highlighting Gina Davis' guest star return as Gladys Jones, that doesn't bode well for the arrival of someone as well-known as Murray. Surely, when Edgar comes to town, it will be heavily advertised and dramatically extra in the way only Riverdale can pull off.

According to social media, Murray is still filming Riverdale as of February 2019, so we may not see Edgar until the end of the season. We do, however, already have a sneak peek of the character. Murray has been posting behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram, and it looks like Edgar is ready to join the legion of Riverdale Hot Dads.

One other key factor: the upcoming Riverdale production of Heathers: The Musical. There's no episode description yet, but if you look at the Heathers cast list you'll see that the musical is "Sponsored by The Farm." They're clearly getting more and more involved in Riverdale High. Maybe Edgar will be in attendance at Heathers — or even on stage himself.

That's essentially what KJ Apa teased in a recent E! News interview. Apa met Murray while rehearsing for Heathers, but said he hasn't had any scenes with him yet. At the very least, this gives us a ballpark as to when Murray will finally appear as Edgar — around or after "Big Fun," which will air on March 20.

Will Murray appear at the end of an upcoming episode as a surprise? Is he secretly the Big Bad, or a good dude? Only time will tell. Will his addition to the show fill the hole from Agent Carter's cancellation in 2016, and whatever lingering One Tree Hill feels we have? That's an even bigger mystery. Still, few characters have been hyped up more than Edgar on Riverdale, and when Murray finally gets to make his entrance, it's going to be a big one.