Grab Your Swimsuit, Because 'Love Island' Is Still Recruiting Its 2019 Islanders

by Emma Madden
'Love Island'/ITV

Let's face it, last year's summer of love wasn't all that fruitful. While it brought with it some promising prospects (I for one thought Wes and Meg were sure to get married), almost all of 2018's lovebirds have since uncoupled. Thank goodness for Jack and Dani, eh? Now the countdown to the next edition of Love Island really begins. The show seems to be growing in popularity year on year, but when will Love Island 2019 start? I need to be re-convinced that love is real, and I'm hoping the new contestants will make that happen.

Update: On 20 May, ITV2 confirmed that Love Island will return to TV on Monday 3 June.

Earlier: The sun's been out early this year, so there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that I was totally unprepared for the warm spell and therefore have zero appropriate clothes to wear, but the good news is that it has signalled an end to winter, and we all know what that means. That's right, Love Island will be back on our screens soon and I for one can't wait to start seeing some terrifically good looking people coupling up.

While an air date for series five of Love Island has yet to be announced, as per previous years, you can probably expect it back on your screen sometime in early June. Last year's Love Island kickstarted on June 3, according to ITV, and I can't imagine that date shifting too much this time around.

The contestants have yet to be confirmed — in fact ITV is still taking applications. If you fancy a free holiday and a shot at love, then you should hit up this link. And, speaking of contestants, there have been all sorts of rumours flying around about them already.

Heatworld reported on Tues, Feb. 26 that the boyfriend of a "very famous reality TV star" had allegedly been approached by the Love Island casting team. According to the site, the team have broken their ban on casting celebs for the show, and the rumour currently flying around is that former The Only Way is Marbs star and boyfriend of Vicky Pattison has been asked to join the cast. Can you imagine?

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised to see someone famous on the show. Each year, Love Island's been getting bigger and better, as it's been constantly expanding. Last year boasted more contestants than ever, as well as an extra long eight-week runtime. While it's not been reported yet, I reckon that could be made even longer next time around. I certainly wouldn't say no to another summer of love extension. (In fact, I think a 12-month-long run would be just perfect).

While it seems like a long and indefinite wait until the show's back up and running again, you can still look forward to all of the announcements in the coming month. The trailer, the cast list, and all the build up that ITV's likely to create are sure to get you excited. Before you know it, you'll be rushing home and cancelling plans in order to watch Love Island every night. Bring it on.